Effort to Upgrade Health and Environment

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Discovery World Trekking believes in giving back to community business model. Since the very start, Paul Guruung (CEO/Founder of Discovery World Trekking ) with DWT Family has made significant effort to assist one of the rural parts of Nepal for better future of community in chalise village of Ruby Valley.

Discovery World Trekking’s certain percentage of profit is donated to those who are in need of basic facilities like Quality Education, Health and many more since its establishment. Similarly, since 2019 DWT with partnership of Hall’s Outdoor Education to assist the mission of good health and help people in rural areas by harnessing surrounding energy.

Research has shown by WHO, every year 4 million deaths are because of openfire cooking, 1.2 billion population of the world still doesn’t have access to electricity and those numbers also include many families in Nepal. Many people in remote region of Nepal are dying due to the very reason with diseases like lung cancer, asthma. It has been a very vital problem to tackle in today’s date.

Since 2017, DWT with Hall’s Outdoor Education is in the path of improving lifestyle of the village with sound health and healthy environment.

Distributing Biolite Energy Products, DWT and Hall’s  are providing the community a product which can bring significant positive affect to people living in Chalise village. “Biolite Homestove”, a stove which generates electricity from firewood, specially designed for the community which highly depends on firewood for livelihood. This product feature which can really help to address the current situation of Health due to smoke, it reduces smoke by 90% and also uses 50% less firewood than general use. This product also has a light attached to it which it operated by the electricity produced by the device which also helps to tackle the problem of electricity up there.

This Product by Biolite solves a very important problem in the village of Chalise on issues health, environment and electricity. Discovery World Trekking and Hall’s Outdoor Education are Looking forward to actively engaging to address the basic needs in the village so that the upcoming generation will grow up in a healthy environment.

With all previous efforts, many positive changes were seen in the village where now community is developing more efficiently and upgrading day by day with all little efforts and achievements Following the motto of the Company quoted by Mr Paul Gurung, “Happiness is the key, only happy people can make others happy”. This is one of the most remarkable move by two organization.

Special Thanks to Anthony Hall and Hall’s Family to bring such an effective motive and effort to solve the issue in the Village of Chalise. Hope this effort by both Organization bring positive impact of the Society as today’s youth are the ones who’ll run the world in the future and we definitely want youth healthy and happy so their upcoming future will remain the same along with Community building a nation in sound health and environment.