Everest climbing route change for upcoming season

Everest climbing route change for upcoming season

Concerning with utmost safety of mountaineering climbers, Sagarmatha Pollution Control committee has made decision to change the existing Everest climbing route through the Khumbu ice fall for the spring climbing season of 2015. Ice fall doctor will fix new central route which is likely to be more safety despite of comparatively time consuming and highly technical than the past route to reach Everest Camp I.

Ang Dorjee Sherpa of Sagarmatha Pollution Control committee said the new route will come into operational beginning from the Base Camp (5,364m) with pass through the some 40 metres right of existing track in the middle of the icefall slope.

According to him eight ice fall doctors will be deployed for the responsibility to construct new route starting from March 15 in which government has also given the permission to assign icefall doctors in the Everest region. However, pre existing route above Camp I will remain constant as usual.

He added further new central route was used climbing by mountaineers before 1990s and it was changed due to relatively shorter and easier to cross. Although the new starting route is difficult and time consuming being the low risk of avalanche because it is passed far from massive ice cliffs and fresh glaciers which is considered relatively free from deadly avalanches.

Concept of changing Everest climbing route brought after the tragic incident happened in Everest history in which an avalanche killed 16 mountaineering support staffs and Sherpa guides at Khumbu icefall alone in 2014.

The Khumbu ice fall is one of the most difficult parts of the South Col route up Everest which is situated at the bottom of the Khumbu glacier where the climbers have to cross over a massive series of cliffs, resulting of breaking into massive ice blocks. Sudden environmental change leads an increase the risk of avalanche danger.

Climbers need additional 3 to 4 hrs to cross the central path for Camp I while heading to Mt Everest, Mt Lhotse, and Mt Nuptse.

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