Holi -festival of color in Nepal

One of the greatest festivals in Nepal, Holi, a color festival is symbolized as farewell of winter and welcoming of summer in Nepal, generally, celebration held on the occasion of full moon day in the month of Falgun ( February to March). Thus, it is also called the Fagu Purnima as name suggests. It has many significance stories to celebrate this festival in commemoration of ancient god and goddess.

According to English and Nepali calendar of this year, the festival falls in the month of March, 05 to 06, 2015 and Falgun, 21 to 22, 2071 respectively. It is regarded as a national festival of Nepal therefore government declares official national holiday as well. One reason of celebration of this festival is to be offered blessing from God for the harvest and fertility of land. Likewise, other main reason of celebrating this festival is to expand the friendship, love and companion among the friends, relatives and new friends.

Holi is celebrated throughout the country along with mixture of color and water etc. In these days, people are used to throwing water to each other as a token of love. Music programmes in different parts of the location can be observed with the presence of popular national singers. They widely use as an instruments of balloons and plastic water guns, balloon filled with water.

There are many popular legends behind for observing the celebration of the festival. Its remarkable at Terai and Kathmandu than other place of Nepal. People crowd over the streets are busy at having fun with throwing color and water-balloon. Festival also lasts for a week in the Terai region.

In the latest years, not only the domestic tourists but also the foreign tourists have actively been participated in the celebration of festival. Tourists' inflow on this occasion has an increase each year unexpectedly in Nepal.