lukla flights rerouted

lukla flights rerouted



Taking into consideration the geographical location and the climatic variations of Nepal, sometimes the flights get delayed or cancelled. And something around that is going to have happened for the way to Everest base camp from 1st April 2019 due to the maintenance process in Tribhuvan International Airport(TIA). Most of the flights from and to Lukla are planned to be diverted towards Manthali Airport, Ramechhap District of Nepal, till 30th July 2019.

TIA, being the only international airport of Nepal, need to be maintained in a certain interval of time to be free from the minor incidents that have happened in the past. The disruptions on international and domestic flights are to be made so most of the international flights are rescheduling their flights to and from Nepal and there may be some changes on your flight to and from Nepal. If you have already booked your flight to Nepal for Everest base camp, please check with your airlines for the new flight times.

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As the normal flights from TIA to Lukla are only appraised to be a halt in between 10:00 hours to 8:00 hours, there remains the option of travelling in the early morning. So all of the Lukla flights are rescheduled and rerouted from and to Manthali Airport of Ramechhap, District for those have booked Everest Base Camp Trek with us as well

Letter from Tara Air for Flight Schedule from Manthali-Lukla- Manthali!


The Manthali Airport is located in Manthali, a small town that doesn’t really see much visitors in normal days so, there are a limited amount of accommodation facilities available and the service level is basic. Because of the rerouted flights for Everest base camp, there will be large number of trekkers who will come here to catch their flights, it is highly likely that you may not find accommodation in Manthali during the peak season of April- May. So, we are arranging transfer from Kathmandu to Manthali on the same day and catch the flight to Lukla.

Letter from summit air for flight schedule from Manthali-Lukla- Manthali!


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