Why Nepal Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

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Looking for the perfect way out? Tired of lockdowns & travel restrictions?... Although many nations are still battling with pandemic are lockdowns, Nepal has flattened its curve with very few cases and almost "Zero" fatality due to covid. Yes, you heard it right, Nepal is one of the few countries where we're almost back to normal. As tourism was hit hard in 2020, 2021 seems to be the Comeback year for "Tourism in Nepal". While other countries are still dealing with the virus, in Nepal you can travel without any restriction like our pre-covid days. All you need is a 72 hours PCR report or covid vaccination report and you're good to travel all over Nepal without any hurdles. 

After long research and understanding of the Covid-19 virus, we’re at a point where if necessary precautions are taken, most Nepalese citizens are vaccinated. We've had our trekking/expedition started back in October 2020, we took necessary precautions and were able to deliver safe and memorable treks/expeditions in Nepal. With all this information it’s no doubt if necessary precautions are taken, we can travel safely. We at Discovery World Trekking were doing our own research about how trekking/expedition can be made safer after a pandemic and after months of lockdown, we are successfully organizing and operating tours and treks in the Himalayas of Nepal since then.

Our Dedication freedom to travel adventure and exploration of Nepal definitely has made some impact. We managed to Organize a handful of treks in the Himalayan Country. Starting from November, We organized a relatively challenging trek with Niklas - a journey to Everest Base camp trek with Gokyo Lake, we had an opportunity to manage the Ruby valley trek for Philip's Family with very 4 sweet kids which turned out one of the best moments with DWT family. Right after the Trip to Ruby Valley, we had another great adventure seeker waiting to conquer Langtang Trek with Ms. Nina, Everest Base Camp with Ms. Titena, and so on. Since then, we've been organizing Annapurna Base camp, Annapurna Circuit, Manaslu Circuit, and many more around the Himalayas of Nepal. In Nutshell, we've been busy since and we're positive towards future endeavors of adventure and discovery. Freedom to travel is something we advocate for and we're proud to be a pioneer in renovating tourism with our continuous efforts.

Is it safe to travel to Nepal in 2021?

Discovery World Trekking has been providing the best quality service since established. our experience in operating treks/expeditions has always been hygienic, safe, and adventurous. Yes, Covid-19 demands extra safety and we have it covered for our valuable clients. We are equipped with the best quality covid prevention kits, high-quality sanitizers, masks, and temperature monitoring devices. After lots of research and hands-on experience during the pandemic, we are totally prepared and already welcoming thrill-seekers and mountain lovers since October of 2020. We aim to organize a healthy and memorable venture for our valuable clients.

Nepal Starts Covid Vaccination

DWT Family group photo after taking vaccination against covid-19

Above is the picture of Discovery World trekking with Mr. Paul Gurung (CEO) joining the vaccination program to combat against covid. As a frontline, we at Discovery World trekking take responsibility for the wellbeing of the Discovery family as well as our invaluable clients. Heath being the primary concern, we've vaccinated each and every member of Discovery world trekking with Covid Vaccine. With the rapid operation of various treks in Nepal, we're ready to overcome covid sooner than we've expected. Soon each and every citizen of Nepal will be vaccinated, a step toward normalizing the livelihood of people and the tourism industry of Nepal

              CEO of DWT Mr. Paul Gurung is vaccinating against covid-19

As per Current data, Nepal is doing pretty well. The very low number of cases and a high number of recovered cases show Nepal has made its come back and it's back to Normal. All the Businesses, schools, and pretty much everything is open as usual. It’s a piece of great news for everyone, especially for the travelers and tourists who were skeptical about how is Travelling going to be safe. Now you can worry less and enjoy more of your adventures. The Government of Nepal is planning to inoculate 100 percent of its population in the final phase to immunize everyone. We hope soon everyone will get a vaccine and the world be safer to travel like before the covid as soon as possible. Glad to see how Nepal is doing its best to fight against the covid and make Nepal Safer travel!

How we're operating treks/expeditions since the pandemic 

Since tourism got hit by pandemics, it was tough to do any tours and travel for a while. Nobody knew how to deal with it but eventually, we had enough idea about how we could be safe and still travel.  Since October of 2020, Nepal had loosened restrictions on mobility and travel. We, since October of 2020 was operating tours following all UN and Government of Nepal's travel Guidelines. For the most part, Nepal is one of the few countries which has very few cases and a fatality ratio. With the help of the local community and our DWT family, we managed to operate trek like Everest Base Camp trek with Gokyo lake with our friend Mr. Niklas, a travel enthusiast who loved nature like a mother. Similar to the EBC trek, we also managed to operate a private family trek with 4 amazing little kids of under 12 years to Ruby Valley, the hometown of our CEO Mr. Gurung.  Being the pioneer of Ruby Valley Tourism, we got an amazing insight into how we could make treks more exciting and worry-free. Since then, Discovery World Trekking has been making amazing treks like Langtang, Manaslu, Annapurna Circuit with 100% safety and Happiness guaranteed.

We're proud to be an Eco Travel Company where more than 60% of our clients are recommended by our previous clients who were satisfied by our warm hospitality. We take responsibility for your trip and make sure to take care of our valuable clients as a part of our family and take most of the best moments from the trip. Here are a few handfuls of our valuable clients sharing their experiences with Discovery World trekking on their trips to Nepal.

Invitation letter for Visa Approval – Department of Immigration Nepal.

Official Authorization by Nepal Tourism Board, TAAN, and immigration


Important Visa Information 

Discovery World Trekking offers you full assistance for the processing and approval of your visa application prior to your travel.  However, to get your visa approved you will have to send us the following documents:

  • Photocopies (colored) of your Passport
  • International Flight Details
  • Details of travel insurance (which has to cover emergency high-altitude rescue & evacuation)

Welcome to Tribhuvan International Airport

We at Discovery World Trekking make sure to be there to receive you at Tribhuvan International Airport. As per tradition, we welcome you with Garland and smiles. While at the airport we make sure to make the necessary Covid-19 Guidelines and drop you at your Hotel. Here’s How we welcomed Mr. Nikal for his trip to Everest Base Camp with Gokyo Lake Trek. 

Everest Base Camp Trekking experience of Niklas with Discovery World Trekking 

Just back from an amazing experience trekking to Everest Base Camp (5,364m), Kala Patthar (5,643m), Cho La Pass (5,420m), and Gokyo Ri (5,360m) in November 2020. I had planned the trek for nearly a year but was interrupted by the pandemic. I caught a mild version of Covid in late September, and tested positive for antibodies right about the time Nepal re-opened for trekking and mountaineering mid-October and saw the opportunity of a lifetime; to trek nearly undisturbed in what could otherwise be a fairly crowded peak season.

I came in contact with Paul and had long and detailed discussions about Nepal’s travel restrictions; visa, insurance, and PCR test requirements, etc. Paul and his team were extremely helpful and updated me on all the latest news, how to interpret the regulation while helping me apply for a visa. In the end, I had no trouble entering Nepal or continuing my journey towards Everest.

I traveled to Kathmandu in early November, was met at the airport by my guide, Karan, who brought me to my hotel and helped me get the required PCR test to allow me to continue my journey to Lukla. Karan was very helpful throughout the trek; had updated knowledge of which villages were open or closed (all of the major hubs along the trail were open, although maybe only 1-2 lodges in each village), he provided me with face masks and alcogel when needed and helped me set the right trekking pace depending on how strong or tired I felt. He carried a sizable medical kit, tested my blood oxygen level (pulse oximeter) every night, and provided me with Diamox (voluntary) as a precaution when we got above 4,000m, to help prevent altitude sickness. In the end, I experienced only very mild symptoms.

Trekking during the pandemic never felt like a concern; in part because I had antibodies (although you never know how long or well such protection lasts), but also because social distancing is rarely a problem on the Everest trail. Although we did meet a few very nice fellow trekkers at some lodges, half the nights we were the only guests in the lodge. When crossing Cho La from Dzongla to Gokyo we trekked for nearly 8h without meeting a single soul (tourist or Nepali) on the trail.

          Everest Base Camp (5,364m)

The trek went from Lukla to EBC, Kala Patthar, Cho La, and Gokyo back to Lukla, covering 190km in at times very tough terrain. It was planned for 14 days but we did it in 12, at my own request. It was very demanding at times (I chose to carry my own 14kg backpack), but the views and the experience were amazing and clearly worth all the effort. The weather was optimal; clear skies all days except 1½. Very cold at night, particularly when 4,000m, but warm/mild in the daytime. Food was very good; avoid meat, aim mainly for boiled food and you will be fine. I experienced no stomach issues.

In the end, I am extremely pleased with my journey, very thankful to Paul and Karan for all their efforts, and hope that more people discover the advantages of visiting Nepal while the number of visitors remains far below the usual.

Best moments of the Mt Everest Base Camp Trek 

Everest Base Camp Trek is full of amazing breathtaking landscape, White snow-capped mountains, and some interesting places like Hotel Everest View (Highest Altitude Hotel in the words at nearly 4,000m/13,000ft), EBC trek is truly an iconic trip. Opened in 1971, Hotel Everest View has been listed on the Guinness Book of World Records (2004) as the Highest Placed Hotel in the world at 13000ft. Featured in 100s of famous Travel magazines and Travel Guides.

Mr. NIklas At Hotel Everest View

This hotel is in the middle of the world’s highest peaks, the view from the restaurants is just magical, also the view from the room is such a heavenly experience. Situated within the Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park in Nepal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the hotel offers a 360-degree view of the awe-inspiring peaks. With a view of Mt. Everest from every room, visitors can immerse in this mesmerizing scene in luxury.   

  Mr. Nikals at Kala Pathar (5,550m)

As our trip was an extra added adventure, Discovery World Trekking also organizes a short trip to Gokyo Lake which is Another perk of this trip. Gokyo is the most popular lake situated at 5,000m height making it one of the highest altitude lakes in the world. On the freezing temperature, the lake freezes for the most part of the winter and international Ice Hockey is organized which is one of the most thrilling experiences to have. The Gokyo Lakes are considered sacred by both Hindus and Buddhists. According to Wikipedia Research “more than 500 Hindus take a holy bath in the lakes during the Janai Purnima festival, which usually occurs in the month of August” & “On an average, more than 7,000 tourists annually visit the Gokyo Lake. The lake is worshipped as the residing place of 'Nag Devata' (Snake God); a temple of the Hindu deities Lords Vishnu and Shiva is situated at the western corner of the lake. You’ll be shocked to know, ThereTheir is a belief that birds and wildlife in the area should not be harmed and has traditionally protected fauna which might be one of the best traditional practices in the History of Mankind. 

              Ama Dablam ( 6,812m) 

Another best part of the trip is the majestic view of Ama Dablam. The iconic shape of the mountains draws the attention of many tourists on the way to EBC. At an elevation of 6,821m, it shines Golden with sun rays from the village of Dingboche. Recently, Qatari royal family member Sheikh Mohammed Abdulla M. A. Al Thani climbed Mt. Amadablam in Mt. The Qomolangma region increases the popularity of the Unique mountain. 

                Tengboche Monastery(3,860m)

Similarly, another notable place in the EBC journey is definitely “Tengboche Monastery”. Tengboche monastery is amidst the Sagarmatha National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site of "outstanding universal value”), draped with a panoramic view of the Himalayan Mountains, including the well-known peaks of Tawache, Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, and Thamserku. Its History goes back to 1918, believed as the holy monastery is the savior of the village.

      Mt. Everest view from Kala Pather(5,550m)

Many tourists find out later that you can’t see Mt Everest from Everest Base camp. That’s we tailor our trek in such a way that we hike up to Kalapathar to get the Majestics View of Mt Everest on our trip to Everest Base Camp. Having the most iconic views of Everest, Kalapathar also offers a Magical view of Nuptse and Changtse which is just spectacular. With a rise in popularity and for more scientific researches, Kalapathar has the World’s Highest Webcam installed from where you can view the most iconic view from the top of the world.  This is the most exciting part of the journey where you see Mt Everest from the closest point possible.  Now you know where to get the best views of Mt Everest, don’t miss hiking up to Kalapathar!
So many unique mountains, amazing views, and the unique lifestyle of Sherpa culture and their traditions is just a perfect blend of amazing trekking experiences. This trip takes us to the native Sherpa village which is a sacred place for that community for centuries. You'll also taste the local food of Sherpa people which helps them to stay energized all day in such cold temperatures.

    Khumbu Glacier 

Yet another making of Mother Nature, Khumbu Glacier, This icefall is the first major attraction point—and among the most spectacular—on the standard south col route to Mt Everest (Sagarmatha). It is also the largest glacier in Nepal in the lap of Mt Everest. It is considered one of the most popular routes for the ascent of the mountain. And yes, you'll get to experience the Khumbu glacier in person during Everest Base Camp Trek. 

A family trip to Ruby Valley Trek

Similarly, it was very exciting to welcome Phillip’s family at Tribhuwan International Airport. After the pandemic, it was a great challenge to ensure safety and satisfaction at the same time. With our extensive research and with the sincere support of local people, we’re able to manage and operate the trek around the off-beaten Ruby Valley Trek a.k.a Ganesh Himal Trek.

We were more than glad to see the Philips family for the unique Ruby valley trek. With Discovery World Trekking Happiness is guarantee and we’re just carrying the legacy of years of quality service experience which makes your journey a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It's always special when having small kids on board in such an amazing trek. We recognize how exceptional those moments can be and we make sure to accommodate everything you need for the journey. We welcome Mr & Mrs. Philips, their very young 1-year-old baby, 5-year-old kid, 9-year-old, and the eldest 12 years old all together and are ready to make this trip enchanting and adventurous for everybody.

Philip's Family on Pangsang pass Nepal 3,842m/12,604ft

Here’s what Philip’s Family had to say about our hospitality, “We could not have asked for a better time trekking in Ruby Valley with our 4 children (12, 9, 5 & 1 years old). We had a wonderful guide, Dol, & 3 amazing porters Amrit, Prabhat & Gokul. They were so professional, helpful, patient, focused & a joy to get to know. They helped our family, with small kids, to cross over Pansang Pass & enjoy so many beautiful places.

On this particular trek, we were able to visit their own home village, Chalish (Mr. Gurung’s Village), & get to meet their immediate family members & learn about daily life thereof planting, harvesting & preparing important crops such as red millet & corn, cooking over a fire, visiting the school there, hearing the stories of childhood & seeing the cohesiveness of people working together. Our experience was unforgettable! The package they offered made our time very smooth & well-provided for. Mr. Paul Gurung was always in good contact with us, answering any questions swiftly. He is very detailed-oriented & organized things so well for our family. We had no problem getting our visas at the airport, & the staff was waiting for us outside to take us to our hotel. On the trail, we ate the food of the villages we visited. We took refreshment from nature & a wifi-free part of the world! We had a great family time!
Concerning Covid-19, we all made sure we tested negative before our trek. The staff took precautions, & we felt very safe as we went on the trail. There is no evidence of Covid-19 in these areas. We could enjoy a normal life again in the beauty of the Himalayas. We are confident this experience will remain in our family's hearts forever!”

Finally Certificate of Completion of Successful Trek

After Every Successful trek, we congratulate our clients, Mr.Nicklas, & Phillips family with an official Certificate of Completion of Everest Base Camp & Ruby Valley Trek. It’s a huge moment every time we reach Base Camp which gives us of Sense of achievement and we feel proud to be part of it.

Everest Trekking Experience With Discovery World Trekking

Have a Look at How Mr. Gerg & Ms. Jayde’s experience was at Everest Base Camp. “We’re feeling Alive, it’s victory, it feels like we’re at the top of the world,” they say. In Fact, it is an achievement that makes you go along trails of the Great Himalayas which tests your limits but at the same all counts. There’s a quote by Yama Buddha which literally translates to “It’s the hustle of slope which makes the top the most beautiful”.

By the time you reach your destination, you’ll see how better you know your pals, the journey gives you lifetime memories and amazing friends which go through your life.

When you join Discovery World Trekking for trekking/expeditions, we welcome you as a family. We really think it’s our utmost responsibility to take care of everything which you’re here in Nepal. Since Covid-19, we have made several changes and taken many precautions authorized by Nepal Tourism Board for Making your vacation in Nepal a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 


Discovery World Trekking's Everest Medal
Introducing our brand new Medal of Completion, a medal that will remind you of those nostalgic moments which our valuable clients had with us.
We, as humankind are very used to facing challenges, challenges are the things that lead us to innovative and creative ideas and solutions. At Discovery World Trekking, we love challenges!
Amid Covid, we did every possible research on “How to make trekking safe in a pandemic”, we took expert advice, and yes we’re operating with all necessary precautions leaving our valuable clients with just fun and memory. We're very glad to bring all kinds of services to our valuable clients and it feels good to be back in business so introduced a medal of honor to those who dare to go for such a venture and take the nostalgia forever with you with a medal of honor.
We Heartily welcome you for an amazing venture in the great Himalayas of Nepal.