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Climbing lobuche East peak

Climbing lobuche East peak

We had a great time in Nepal and a successful trip to summit lobuche east. 
The discovery world trekking team were very helpful and professional. 
Thank you to Paul for making the trip possible in the short time we had and short notice we gave him.
Our guide Soraz was very experienced and was helpful with any questions we had.
Same with our Porter ( Pasan) and the Two Sherpas who were very experienced ( Karma and Nima) both who had summited Everest Nemours times. 
It was an unforgettable trip and we will definitely be back again for the next peak to climb hopefully with the same team.
Great job from Discovery World Trekking team.

17 day tour of 3 High Pass + EBC

17 day tour of 3 High Pass + EBC

We booked our trip with Discovery World Trekking (DWT), not knowing what to expect... prior to arriving in Nepal all our questions were promptly answered by managing director Paul within a timely manner assuring us that he will take care of everything and not to worry. The instruction of visa application, flexible payment options, airport transfer, reasonable places to stay with the city centre was only a few examples of the additional service provided 

Upon our arrival we received a warm welcome to Nepal by Paul and his team, we were then taken to our hotel and scheduled a time for our tour briefing 
Paul took us through the program in detail and introduced us to our guide Superman

Some last minute shopping and the next morning we embarked on a epic once in a lifetime journey 

I'm sure everyone that uses DWT would say that their guide and porter was the best team, but I can assure you that our teams Superman and Money will exceed your expectations, these guys were so cool that within a few hours you would swear we've known each other for years. Money doesn't say much but his an absolute machine Always ahead to check that the road ahead is safe for us to follow. If at any stage there is some form of obstacle Money would call Superman to give him a heads up. he would also go ahead and secure our rooms where possible so when we arrived after a long day we would have a warm cup of lemon and honey tea within minutes followed by a comfortable room with our bags waiting, in a challenging environment I would consider it to be 5 star service
In the morning, pack your bag and leave it in your room. Money does not like seeing you carry anything, so just leave it to him he will take care of it

SUPERMAN guide of guides - The Mountain Man, what a legend. this guy knows the mountain and all the tricks of the trade, zero tolerance on unsafety!. and will make sure you have the trip of your dreams. Informative, knowledgeable but most of all he took complete ownership for the trip and experience
This is the team you want on your expedition and I will guarantee you in good hands
They exceeded our expectations and I would highly and confidently recommend them
If you planning a trip use DWT and my team Superman and Money
Tell Superman the password is: "one minute - little bit up little down" and leave the rest to him
He has incredible patience and will make sure you achieve your goal even irrespective of the time it takes, weather or terrain. he is quickly to adapt to your style and will always give you options based on your capability and how you feeling
Get use to him saying: "No problem, no problem" - he will make it happen
Listen to him, if he says you need to rest, stay at a certain height to acclimatize or descend trust me listen to him. don't worry about the schedule or falling behind
Superman knows all the shortcuts and alternative route to ensure you complete what you set out to complete
We lost two days due to bad weather into Lukla and I got sick just under 5k metre's
I naturally wanted to push through and not be the weakest link, Superman calmly explained to me that we will still reach our goal, but the most important thing is to look after our body and recovery, that can only be achieved if we go down to 4400m

I took his advise and it was the best decision ever which ensured that we completed our trip
The mountain is not for hero's, you at its mercy. leave it to the team and experience the most memorable views you can imagine

When we get another opportunity we will be back for sure...
I miss these guys so much as we consider ourselves family

Paul will take care of all the logistics, he is experienced and extremely well connected with great leverage, so you have nothing to worry about

So if you considering a tour book now with Discovery World trekking 
If you still not confident feel free to check out my Everest 2017 album on facebook
Its public so you can view all the picture and videos we made along the way

Happy trekking
Bevan Conning & Andrea Puddy

Manaslu Circuit - Magical, challenging, extraordinary team of people

Manaslu Circuit - Magical, challenging, extraordinary team of people

Just arrived home after a 5 week trip to Nepal. We saw much the country but easily our most precious moments are from the trek we did through the Manaslu Circuit with Discovery World Trekking and our incredible guide, Karan, and porter, Kersing. Would highly recommend requesting these guys, as they are kind, patient, professional, deeply knowledgable, and just really fun to be around.

My husband, Ben (see his review from a week ago), found Discovery World Trekking through a lot of research and reading of blogs and trip advisor reviews. We wanted to find a trek that was less crowded, with diverse landscapes, as well as a more cultural experience, where tourists are not the major population. Manaslu seemed to be a fit and after much research and communication with several trekking companies, Ben and I chose this company due to it's professional and responsive head, Paul, and the reviews that mentioned the fantastic and well-trained staff. It absolutely necessary to have properly equipped and experienced guides and porters on treks like this. (See below.)

From the moment we touched down in Kathmandu, Paul and his staff were helping us with anything and everything we needed. They picked us up at the airport, drove us to our hotel, and scheduled a shopping trip for us to snag some missing gear - flip flops, warm hats (would highly recommend picking these up in Nepal), trekking poles (definitely bring or purchase if you have any knee or ankle problems), rented down jackets (provided by the company), rented sleeping bags (provided by the company - Make sure to bring your own liner/sleep sack). We then headed out after 48 hours in Kathmandu. 

Karan and Kersing managed our travel, our trek, scheduling lodges, ordering, serving and sometimes COOKING our meals (Karan's Chowmein is SO GOOD), and ensuring that we were safe, aware and prepared for the challenges throughout. Paul was present throughout as well, from Kathmandu, with daily calls to Karan. Everyone involved with this company is invested, positive and deeply hospitable. Would go through them again in a heartbeat. Paul took us to dinner when we returned to Kathmandu and organized transit to our next destination. He encouraged us to call him any time, in case we were ever in a tight spot over our next weeks of travel. While it wasn't necessary, we found much peace of mind knowing that we had a touchstone in the country during our visit. 

Please check out Ben's review as he gives more info, but here are my additional thoughts. A few things to consider.

Getting to and from Manaslu is an experience of its own. Paul recommended that we rent the personal jeep for $190 extra instead of taking the local bus which is in the packaged deal. We opted against it as we were working with a limited budget, but we are so happy that we had the experience of the local bus. It is kind of dusty (bring doctor's masks) and warm by midday, and while our bus was not super crowded, I'm sure that they can get VERY crowded. Our second bus was absolute insanity. However, as Ben says in his review, it is a beautiful and worthwhile view into local life, and we never felt unsafe, unless you count the sketchy mountain roads. We also talked to other trekkers who took the jeep and they said the jeep ride was equally dusty and bumpy, though I know it was shorter, which definitely can make a difference, and maybe not as crowded. Bring a little dramamine if you get motion sickness, for either option. And either way, get ready for a long travel day on both ends of the trek. Just add a couple hours to what everyone says it will take. ;) Shout out to Karan (Mr. 15 minutes). We chose to spread the Dharapani-Besisihar ride and the Besisihar-Kathmandu ride over 2 days and would HIGHLY recommend it. I read before going to Nepal to approach everything with the spirit of adventure. I think this is an excellent way to approach the travel up to these mountain villages.

The Manaslu Circuit goes through the heart of much of the earthquake damage from 2015, so there is still much rebuilding and some landslide areas, and it is a relatively new trek. There are also deep ravines, donkeys carrying large loads next to you and the deep ravines, and there is always the potential of altitude sickness. Please read Ben's review for his experience with this. It is absolutely essential that whatever company you choose, the guides and porters are experienced, attentive and focused on the safety of everyone in the group. Karan and Kersing almost never left our sides. One of them was almost always with Ben and the other with me - especially in slightly more dangerous terrain. When we were descending from the Larkya Pass, I noticed in our shadows on the ground that Karan was walking with an out-stretched arm near my pack for almost 30 minutes to ensure that I did not go far if I started to slide. There are many tripping and sliding hazards along the way, especially if you're tired, and our guide and porter were entirely focused on getting us home in one piece. They were also well equipped by the company, they had good shoes and warm jackets. 

Be prepared for STAIRS. And lots of ups and downs. Flat is almost non-existent. Don't believe Nepalis when they say 'flat'. It is difficult. TRAIN FOR IT. Every day was so beautiful, and so DIFFERENT! We couldn't believe how much we saw in 2 weeks. The mountains, forests, animals, villages and people are all extraordinary. 

Just a note about toilets. Expect a squat toilet (Bring TP). Sometimes they are just fine, and sometimes, like in the highest village we stayed in, Dharmasala, they are no fun. Bring lots of hand sanitizer and lean into the adventure. Also bring biodegradable wipes - you don't shower after a certain point - we went 6 days when we got to higher altitudes. 

For the most part, Discovery World Trekking organized fine lodges for us to stay in. We especially loved our quiet rest day in Gho after the Pass. The only one we weren't happy with was the lodge we stayed 2 nights in in Samagaun. There were mice in walls that made it hard to sleep. 

Note on Samagaun: Take the 5 hour round trip to the monastery on your acclimatization day! The views are unreal. 

Food and Health:
Ben talks about food as well. For the most part, we loved much of the food we ate on the trek. We ate no meat, and pretty much no dairy, and always drank either boiled or treated water. We didn't get sick. Though we both developed wicked colds in Dharmasala. It's a rough night there. Adventure! And the morning of walking the next day is amazing.

Note: Make sure everyone has their own bright headlamp.

Another Note: Water is NOT included in DWT's budget. This added an additional $80 or so to our budget. You drink a lot of water when you're in higher altitudes.

This was a trip of a lifetime. Well worth all the challenges. Discovery World Trekking was wonderful and we hope they get everyone's business! My only complaint is that we had to say goodbye to Karan and Kersing so quickly after we returned and they were off on other treks. We were so sad to say goodbye to them both. Thanks to you guys, we miss you (and your dance moves), and MANY thanks to Paul who was our gracious host - what a fulfilling and memorable experience!!!

Manaslu 16 Day Trek Perfection

Manaslu 16 Day Trek Perfection

Discovery World Trekking is professional,
Well priced, quick to communicate, ethically focused, and employs incredible guides & porters. Paul (the owner) is pure positivity. Karan our guide was absolutely wonderful, fun, and professional. Kersing, our porter, was also wonderful. We had an amazing experience from first email to final goodbye with this company. Highly recommend.

Long Review:
My wife and I traveled to Nepal in October 2017 for our Honeymoon. We knew we wanted to do a Trek, but as this was our first visit to Nepal we didn't know where to start. I ended up doing quite a bit of research, using several blogs and TripAdviser to help orient myself. We chose the Manaslu Circuit because we had read that it was a bit more remote and less touristy. It was both of these (more on this below). I contacted three companies all within the same price range(more below). Discovery World Trekking was the first to respond and also had the clearest most professional looking website which definitely helped. Paul, the owner, sent us a very clear itinerary with a day by day breakdown of the Trek, the cost, and what was included and not included (more below). A note on Paul. He is extremely Professional with a huge heart. You can tell that he is passionate about providing an excellent experience for his clients. He says his clients are his family. I truly believe that he is the kind of person who would answer the phone in the middle of the night for anyone and handle any problem. He also clearly treats his Guides and porters well. They were properly equipped and well trained. They also mentioned as we got to know them how much they liked working for Paul. Also, we were told that some proceeds from our Trek go to the various community projects Paul supports. I believe it.

Manaslu Trek:
Without a doubt, This is the most beautiful place I have ever hiked. The views are stunning. The scale is epic. I felt like we trekked all the seasons. I was pleasantly surprised every day with how different it was from the day before. The terrain, views, and especially flora was constantly changing. It was never ever monotonous. 

Some info: The following is based on our own experience and info we gathered from other trekkers we met who have done multiple treks in Nepal. Manaslu is more remote and physically more challenging than other treks. My wife and I are in our early 30's and physically fit and we found this to be challenging, especially the first 3-4 days as we spent almost 10 hours on the trail some days including a stop for lunch and much of it was either climbing or descending, not a lot of flat trails. We found that we consistently had to add time to the estimated hours given in our itinerary. That being said, we were going a little slower because my wife's knee started to act up with all of the descending. Also, the early trails are very rocky so you spend a lot of time looking at your feet trying to make sure you don't fall. That being said, when you
Look up the views are stunning. After the first 3-4 days you walk less as you are getting higher in Altitude, and the trails start to get better. Though, there are a few Landslide areas left over from the earthquake. Luckily, our guide, Karan, was very careful. You tread a little carefully in these areas. Also, Karan instructed us on how to deal with the Mules. Teams of mules frequently pass taking supplies up or down. Make sure to stop and always go to the side against the mountain as they pass. We were told several people die a year in Nepal from getting pushed off the mountains by mules, no joke. Because Manaslu is currently less touristy and built up it means two things. 1) The lodges are often more rustic than other treks. At the lodge, expect a communal squat toilet as a rule (bring TP). Sometimes there will be a western toilet but that is a pleasant surprise. You often don't have a light in your room so bring a headlamp. Also, don't expect hot showers, though once you get above Namrung it's too cold to shower anyway so bring biodegradable shower wipes as a backup. My wife and I didn't shower for 6 days starting from Namrung. 2) The villages are less built up for tourism so we felt we got a very intimate experience with the people and culture. We passed through so many small farms and saw people living their lives apart from us. We were humbled and in awe. Would definitely recommend this Trek with these considerations above in Mind. It is mindblowingly beautiful and special. You eventually climb to 17,000ft at your highest. Note, Be aware of Altitude Sickness. It's real. I experienced it but luckily we were already descending and all was well. We met some wonderful fellow trekkers as well. Several couples in their 50's who confirmed this was the hardest Trek they had done (harder than Everest trek and Annapurna trek), but less touristy and equally if not more beautiful as there is more variety in terrain. 

Price: I would say based on my research Discovery Trekking falls somewhere in the middle range. You might be able to do this cheaper but when you breakdown the per day cost, factoring in what's included and the service, this is definitely worth every penny. Be prepared to spend extra for Tips and Alcohol and water. Oddly, food & tea is included but water is an extra expense. Note: We brought 2 1L reusable water bottles. We got boiled water at every lodge and at lunch. At first we also treated this water with purification drops, but realized we were drinking the tea and we were just fine. No need to treat the boiled water. If you get water from the communal spigot, Definitely treat. Total price for two with Guide & Porter for 16 days was about 2500 US including tips and extras.

Food: the food is great everywhere you go. We were super careful and didn't eat meat or dairy as a rule. We didn't get sick on the trek. We started eating eggs toward the end. The eggs are generally well cooked and should be fine. Wish we would have eaten them earlier in the trek. 

The local bus from Kathmandu to Soti khola (start of trek) is an experience. It is included in the package. It is dusty (in October). Bring several doctors masks each for Kathmandu and the bus rides. It is really dusty and they save your lungs. The local bus is hot, bumpy, and an awesome view into local life. It is exhausting but we are so glad we did it. We have some great stories from it. Though It's a bit scary on the mountain roads... You can opt for the Private Jeep for around $190 extra. We took it part of the way back. It's just as hot, dusty, and bumpy though. Not sure it's worth it. Try to get a "tourist bus" if possible. They are nicer. Both travel days to and from Kathmandu are exhausting. But an awesome way to see some local life.

A special thanks to Karan, our guide, and Kersing, our porter. Both were amazing. Karan was knowledgeable, patient, and fun as was Kersing. They were both very attentive. We played cards many a night (we taught each other different games). We learned so much from both of them. We wish you both well and hope to see soon!

Fantastic experience!

Fantastic experience!

We have just returned from the Kopra Danda trek which was organised by Discovery World Trekking. Paul has been an absolute blessing from start to finish. The trip was very well organised and I would especially like to thank our guide Simbir and our porter Suresh. The weather was very challenging ,as it was monsoon season, and we are not very experienced trekkers, however Simbir and Suresh did everyting in their ability to still make our trek memorable and as easy as possible for us. Overall it was a fantastic experience and thank you Paul for running such an excellent company. I would recommend you to anyone. Dhanybhad!

Trip of a lifetime

Trip of a lifetime

I just returned from an Annapurna Circuit with Tilicho Lake trek organized by Discovery World Trekking. From my first communication with the owner, Paul, to my trek with Dol, the team at Discovery World went above and beyond to create a truly exceptional experience.

Paul answered all of my logistical questions and helped me make local arrangements, all with a positive supportive attitude that made me much more confident in my decision to come to Nepal alone. On the trail, Dol patiently and cheerfully answered all of my questions and shared his culture with me. He was also very responsive and flexible, suggesting changes to the itinerary that I might enjoy and accommodating my requests as they came up. He even carried my sleeping bag for me on a couple of the toughest days!

The trek itself was gorgeous, and we had great weather given that I was there during monsoon season (few clouds and almost no rain!). Tilicho lake and the Thorong La pass were definite highlights!

This team is truly committed to making sure each client has the best experience possible, and they have a ton of experience and know what works. I've done a lot of trekking in many different countries, and the organization and personal attention I saw on this trek were second to none. Discovery World is an awesome local company, and the obvious choice if you're coming to Nepal to go trekking. I'm already looking forward to reconnecting with them in a couple of years to trek to Everest Base Camp!

“Annapurna Circuit incl Tilicho Lake”

“Annapurna Circuit incl Tilicho Lake”

We had a great experience on the Annapurna Circuit Trek incl Tilicho Lake and we loved the fantastic sceneries. Paul, the manager of the agency is very committed in ensuring that we will be very satisfied on our trip. He also takes care a lot about his porters and guides which is important to us (e.g. that they are carrying not too much). Our guide and porters were very capable and had a pleasing manner. We arranged the trip via internet and asked if some flexibility is possible to make the trip more custom. Paul explained to us what is possible and what not (e.g. because of potential risks or depending on weather conditions). I personally appreciated this honesty a lot since it built trust. During the trip we asked for some rearrangements by adding two extra days he made this possible by rearranging flights from Jomsom to Pokhara which I guess required some effort since this flight seems often heavily booked.
Thanks again for this very nice trip!

ABC with Tek

ABC with Tek

This trip was awesome. I definitely want to come back to Nepal and try the EBC trek with the same guide Tek. He was great, start to finish. This was a new experience in trekking for me and would recommend Tek and ABC trek for some people looking to try a challenging and rewarding experience!

“Everest High passes trek”

“Everest High passes trek”

Thank you Paul and my guide/trekking partner, Subash, for making my trip an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.
From start to finish, everything was so well organised, especially the communication. Paul and his team personally picked me up from the airport on a Sunday night at 2300! He also organised a driver to take me back to the airport on my last night. There was no surprises as everything was emailed to me before I arrived in KTM. We had a briefing in Paul's office the next day and met my guide, Subash. Paul ensured that I am well equipped, went through the itinerary in details and explained the Himalaya conditions that hikers might experience. During the trip, he communicated with us where there were reception, to ensure everything was OK. Paul made the entire trip so smooth. I did not do one thing.

My guide, Subash, is young, positive attitude and experienced. He tough me a few tricks in trekking in high altitude and how to read the Himalaya environment. His communication with this client was excellent. Each night he went through the itinerary and trekking conditions. Thanks to his wisdom, he suggested we skip one day of acclimatisation in Gokyo to hike our last pass due to bad weather forecast. So glad we did this otherwise we will never completed the 3 Passes. Most importantly, SAFETY was always Subash's number one priority. He was always 5 metres in sight during the trek. He warned me of icy/avalanche areas, ensured I paced myself and constantly resting.

Thank you Discovery World Trekking for this unique opportunity and trip of life time. Look forward to next time!

“Upper Mustang Trekking”

“Upper Mustang Trekking”

I had the most amazing 20 days of trekking through Upper Mustang to Khopra and Ghorepani. My guide (Simbir) and porter (Manish) team were a young and yet experienced and energetic duo. They went all out to provide the most fun and safe trekking trip for me. I will really miss both of them! Back at Kathmandu, Paul was informative, meticulous, and service-oriented. He ensures everything in the trip runs smoothly, and really goes the extra mile in providing the best to you. One of my baggages got lost in transit upon arrival at Kathmandu, and Paul managed to get it back for me in a timely manner. Overall, I would strongly recommend doing your treks with Discovery World Trekking! Thanks to everyone for making my trip so fun and memorable! I'll be back for my 6th trekking trip in Nepal soon! ????

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