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Great trekking company!

Great trekking company!

If you are looking for a guide company for trekking in Nepal, look no further than Discovery World Trekking. Quite honestly, I would stop researching trekking companies right now and spend more time researching the right trek. I went on 2 treks with this company for a total of 24 days and the entire team was great in every way. All the office work is done by the owner Paul. He is very responsive to all questions and arranged an incredible team for our treks. The trekking team was amazing and we had the same team for both treks, which was great. We had a main guide (Simbir), assistant guide (Maniss) and 3 porters (Manchsit, Kul, and Umesh). Simbir is a young guide with the strength of a 25 year old and the wisdom and maturity of a 50 year old man! All the friends and family on our treks weren't necessarily the most experienced, including myself, at this sort of hiking, but Simbir was always right there to assist us and have his team do whatever it takes to help us. For example, we had to get over a couple of landslides. If Simbir and his team had not been there, I probably would have turned back because of my lack of knowledge on how to deal with those situations. He made what seamed impossible sort of easy after his team made new trails for us. Simbir also arranges all the guesthouses and orders meals. It is quite a lot of work, and he has such a great attitude. All the team seemed to really like the work. The porters' work was incredibly difficult, but they are all so strong and helped in many other ways other than carrying our stuff. I remember Kul pointing out where to step on some more complicated parts to keep from sliding. Not everyone in our group needed this extra help, but if we did, every single person on the team was willing and happy to help.

World Trekking seems to treat the employees well too. There is a limit on how much they are allowed to carry. Some companies don't have these same standards and I saw men carrying ridiculous amounts of baggage in other groups. We had no problems communicating with Simbir. Even though the porters didn't speak English, we really enjoyed being around them. They were just really good guys.

So to sum it not hesitate to use this company. I would spend more time researching the treks you want to take based on the type of weather you want to hike in, the particular scenery you are looking for and the types of villages you want to experience. We did Annapurna Sanctuary and Upper Mustang. I highly recommend Upper Mustang.

Annapurna circuit

Annapurna circuit

Since my very first contact with Paul via email, Discovery World Trekking has been nothing but professional and accomodating. From prompt responses to emails, to airport pickup and drop off, the company did everything possible to make this a stress free experience.
I did the 16 day Annapurna Circuit with Telicho Lake trek, with my guide Simbir and porter Ganesh. Both Simbir and Ganesh were polite, professional and couldn't do enough to make my experience a positive one. As a first time trekker travelling alone, this was very important and appeeciated.
Simbir is very experienced and knowledgeable, and was constantly checking with me that I was feeling ok and if there was anything I needed. He has a great relationship with the tea house owners and always choose excellent places to stay, and made sure I got the best room. Carrying fruit and serving it to me every evening is one of the small things that make a huge difference; I was the cause of envy many evenings in the tea houses amongst guests who were missing fresh fruit!
I have no hesitancy in recommending this company for trekking in Nepal, and will definitely book with them when I come back!
Thank you Paul, Simbir and Ganesh

Nar Phu trek

Nar Phu trek

This company is amazing! We chose it because of how reputable it is and the weight restrictions they give their porters.

Compared to the other companies Discovery World Trekking really takes care of their employees! They provide both their guides and their porters with gear such as shirts, pants, jackets, and bags. This is a huge difference compared to all of the companies that maybe give their guides a shirt. It was good to know that our guide and porter had the appropriate gear to complete the trek with us!

The fact that our porter Ruppes was only allowed to carry 18kgs made him able stay with us the entire time. Other porters were so weighed down that they would have to stop all the time. It was nice to truly be as a team together.

Both Simbir our guide were always smiling ready to answer our questions about anything on the trek. They made sure we were always comfortable and were well taken care of. 

Also the Nar Phu trek was amazing! Once we turned off of the Annapurna Circuit the trail was narrow and we didn't see anyone! It was amazing.

Paul helped us change our plans as the airline kept changing out dates. 

Simbir was very accommodating when we decided to not continue on the trek after the first 5000m pass. He helped us arrange a way back to Kathmandu and continued to help us until we were settled back in Kathmandu.

Once again I would recommend this company to my friends and family! They are all amazing!

12 Day EBC Trek - Saroz is the best!

12 Day EBC Trek - Saroz is the best!

I did the 12 day Everest Base Camp Trek and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The owner Paul was very good and thorough before the trek in helping me organise stuff such as tips on insurance, organising my airport transfer and running me through all the trip details in person before the trip to make me feel safe, relaxed and excited for the trek. My guide Saroz was amazing too! From taking me out in Kathmandu to pick up my rental jacket and sleeping bag, helping me buy last minute supplies and a SIM card, he was always there to help without complaint. On the trek itself, Saroz really looked after me. He was always attentive to my needs from meals to health and constantly checking on me to make sure I was alright and having an amazing trip. His knowledge of the area and local customs was amazing and his energy and warmth was second to none. I will never forget certain things like our gruelling trek up Kala Patthar (I don't think I would have made it if it wasn't for Saroz) or our regular nightly card games. Our porter, Lakman, was also amazing. He always had a smile on his face and a great energy to him which wouldn't be easy when you are carrying such a heavy load uphill every day. I will never forget my trek and I can't recommend Paul, Saroz, Lakman or Discovery World Trekking highly enough. For anyone looking for an awesome trekking experience in Nepal, go with Paul and the group at Discovery World Trekking and if you can, request Saroz as your guide. You will have an amazing time. Thanks so much Paul, Saroz, Lakman and Discovery!

Annapurna Circuit

Annapurna Circuit

I chose Discovery World Trekking based on the reviews on TripAdvisor and I'm glad I did. Paul the owner was very prompt with his reply and addressed any concerns I had with the trip. His quote easily beat his competition and included most meals during the trek. He also paid for our farewell dinner when we got back in Kathmandu! Our guide Soroj and our two porters Gore and Amar made sure we were ok and always looked after our safety. They catered to all our needs during our breaks and when we got to our guesthouses. Their enthusiasm and smiles everyday made us keep going in this challenging trek. I can't recommend DWT highly enough.

Very helpful. Good trekking guide

Very helpful. Good trekking guide

I wanted an extraordinary proposal for my partner so i thought EBC would be a good choice since we will be given 12 days astounding views and rewarding experiences.

I searched for a good agency and luckily i came across discovery world trekking. Ive read good reviews about it so i sent them an email. Paul,the owner was quick to respond. 

October was our scheduled trip. But that was also the time i had problems with my back -i was diagnosed with lumbar strain 3 days before the Nepal trip. I didn’t want to spoil the whole trip with a back pain so when i met up with paul, he advised me to take a rest and do a mini trek to acclimatize and see if i would have problems with my back. It was a good advice instead of pushing me to just cancel right away. 

I felt the need to be honest with him regarding my purpose and he was cooperative. He said he will try his best to make our dreams come true. True to his word, he was very supportive. 

Paul even provided us stuff we failed to bring like comfy sleeping bags and duffle bags. He gave us a very helpful guide who spoke good english. Subraj. 

While we were more than half our trek,my partner experienced acute mountain sickness. 
In the middle of the night subras carried her on his back on the way up the hill where the mountain was located. Paul checked on us every once in a while. 

The following morning my parter was back on her toes again and we proceeded with our journey. It was a smooth trip . Discovery world trekking reserved good rooms for us. When we reached dingboche, my partner again experienced mountain sickness the guide and told me that it was no good to carry on. We called paul and he coordinated the rescue. 

Thats the good thing about discovery. They keep track or their clients and see to it that their needs are met. In those crucial times in the middle s of the everest region, we were lucky to have easily contacted paul. He sent a rescue helicopter right away. 

I was still able to pursue the proposal. Although it wasnt on my target location, EBC but instead on the heli rescue back to kathmandu. I felt so relieved that i could rely on discovery world trekking not just in making EBC dreams come true but making sure lives are safe and saved. 

He had problems with the insurance that he recommended, but he talked to the hospital management and we were given discount for our hospitalization . We were surprised that the helicopter rescue was ridiculously expensive but again he did not allow us to shoulder the burden, alone. He would always find a way to help and make his customers feel happy. 

I don’t think other owners will do the same. He would always visit us till my partner got well. 

With discovery world trekking you build also a good relationship and we were able to leave nepal knowing we have a good person to come back for in our next adventures. 

Just a tip. Don’t underestimate trekking in high altitudes. Prepare and get a good insurance that will cater to your needs. 

Incredible experience with Discovery World Trekking

Incredible experience with Discovery World Trekking

Discovery World Trekking has been by far one of the best companies I have ever experienced worldwide. Our itinerary was personalized, and our questions were answered almost immediately when originally emailing back and forth about initial information about certain treks, etc.

Once we arrived in Kathmandu, we were greeted by our guide and another member of Discovery World Trekking at the airport. Everything was incredibly organized, and we were made to feel like the company’s top priority.

Once on the trek (Annapurna Sanctuary Trek- roughly 7/8 days long), we had the best, most informative, patient, attentive guide - his name was Milan. I have never met a kinder, nicer person who genuinely loves his job as much as Milan. Without him, I do not think we would have made it to ABC. Our porter Amrit was super helpful, and always had a smile on his face. 

We will definitely be back Trekking with this company again. Highly recommend.

Extra mile service

Extra mile service

Service was excellent. They really go an extra mile to give their clients a stress-free experience. From beginning to end Paul, the humble owner was always there to show support and care. 

1. My friend and I came from 2 separate countries. Discovery made 2 trips just to pick us up and we need not remind them to do it. 
They knew and they were prepared. 

2. Paul was like a brother who would remind you of the things you have to do and bring. Since we were no experienced hikers, he lent us sleeping bags and a duffle bag. 

3. He provided a very helpful guide. Subra. He was a bodyguard, a guide and a photographer all rolled into one. 

4. He booked us at good hotels and lodging houses with astounding mountain View. 

5. am from a tropical country. I live by the sea, I had prepared for EBC physically. I did some trekking, swimming and jogging. But my big mistake was I failed to acclimate on high altitude never did I think that I would experience altitude sickness but when I reached dingboche. Altitude sickness struck. My partner immediately asked for rescue and Paul was quick to respond. In less than 15mins I was airlifted from dingboche. And soon as we arrived the airport an ambulance was already waiting for us and I was taken directly to the hospital. Paul was there waiting. He already made arrangements at the hospital and reserved a room for me. 

When I was fully recovered, again Paul, the owner was there to check if we were ok. 

This service deserves more than 5 stars. No other company would extend this kind of service. It's more than just providing good trekking and traveling service. It's definitely doing doing business with much care, consideration and support to the clients. 

I will do EBC again when I am more prepared. I will seek for discovery world trekking service again. Coz I know it's trustworthy, the service is excellent and I will be safe with them.

Khopra Danda Trek

Khopra Danda Trek

Seen many good reviews about Discovery World Trekking, So I decided to email. I got a response from Paul very quick. Before I decided to make the booking I had many questions, but Paul was patient and responded my emails quickly. The booking went very smooth. The first day I got picked up and met Paul in person which I find great. Gives a personal touch. During my 7 day trek everything was arranged. My teahouses were nice, the meals were good and overall the trek that I had booked was perfect. The Itinerary that was sent to me was the same as the trek. From the moment that I got picked up for the bus to Pokhara till the moment they brought me back, all was organized. 

At the end of your trek you meet Paul again in person and you can tel him your story. Also if anything did not go according to plan, he will listen to your advice. Which I found professional. 

All in All I would recommend Discovery World Trekking.

Amazing experience

Amazing experience

Came to Nepal to do the EBC trek with my brother. Found Discovery on line and it was such a lucky break. Paul the owner was from the get go a great at communicating via email all the details and organized everything from our flights to Lukla pick up at airport, porters and guides. we were welcomed at the airport with flowers and taken to our hotel. he was always a phone call away happy to solve any issue. the guide we were assigned was incredible. his name is Karan and he was great at looking after us and making sure we stuck to the scheduled. we absolutely loved it all! despite the cold and long days it has been such an empowering experience one we will remember for years to come. I honestly can't recommend Discovery any more than I have they are reliable, friendly and also very reasonably priced. Thank you for everything ! Tova

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