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“Majestic Himalayas and magnificent country ………………..a combination to live and experience……”

Stunningly mesmerizing, Bhutan is a small country which is located in between the China and India. This country is full of natural beauty and fascinating history.  One can be able to notice the rich culture and tradition when visiting to this country as the people living here are basically inclined toward it in strong manner. Bhutan is also popular for its spiritual inclination towards Buddhism as it is the only Vajrayana Buddhist nation in the world. Due to its pristine environment and harmonious society, this Kingdom is also known as "The Last Shangrila." One should come and explore this place for better and unique experience.

This fascinating country holds its own unique and individual identity in the whole world. The tradition and culture is the most important factor for the people of this country and the blend of it with a nature and the beautiful Himalayas is something that can blew away anyone’s mind and spirit. Bhutan can be known as Buddhist country too as predominantly Buddhist religion is followed here. Major income resources of the Bhutanese are tourism, hydro electric power and agriculture. This country has preserved its tradition culture with foremost importance and the people out here wear the costumes that used to be dressed from ancient days. Though, this country is geographically occupying less area but the weather varies from place to place due to the elevation which is one of the interesting prime facts of this country. One should take the time out of their busy schedule once in a while to visit and explore this naturally blessed place to rejuvenate oneself for better energy and productivity.  Come and join us for the journey to Bhutan as we provide all the essential information as well as take you to explore all the major attraction of this magnificent country. Bhutan tour is one of the most exciting journeys which offer you to live nature spiritually.

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