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Discovery World Trekking and Environmental Responsibility

Ever since Nepal opened its door to foreigners, tourism has brought cheers to the Nepali economy. Tourism contributes nearly 4 percent to the total GDP of Nepal and provides employment opportunities to thousands of Nepali. Tourism has also hastened the process of infrastructure development.

A massive influx of travelers from across the world has also brought several problems like environmental degradation, social tension, and even social breakdown. Tourism has also led to the loss of traditional or indigenous culture - one of the very reasons why tourists visit Nepal. However, we are not saying that traditional Nepali settlements should not benefit from technological advances.

Settlements in and around the tourist destinations have benefited a lot from tourism. The villagers, who once struggled for even fetching water to quench thrust, now have running water, uninterrupted electricity, education, health centers, and so forth. Marginalized communities living alongside trekking trails have established their own business, and due to increasing mobility, some have even got opportunities to go abroad.

Extensive tourism has brought numerous negative effects in many tourism destinations. Hence, there is a need to balance the modernization of settlements while paying equal importance to preserving traditions and cultures so that these villages do not lose their tourist attraction. If these villages lose their tourist attraction, they will lose that precious source of income.

Therefore, there is a need for responsible tourism.

The people in the remote tourist attractions do not have much education and are easily influenced by others' actions. Hence as a responsible tourist, it is better to greet them with a warm Namaste rather than shaking hands, especially with the opposite sex, or kissing in public. Please be conscious of cultural considerations as you enjoy nature.

As an ecologically responsible trekking/expedition/tour company, Discovery World Trekking operates trekkings in government-designated areas and uses the recommended campsites or resting places.

We prioritize homestay trekking and use accommodations in local lodges or hotels if there are available so that at least to some extent, the locals in these regions can economically benefit.

On our journey, we pay equal importance to the environment. We do not use firewood, as this destroys forests. Similarly, our policy is not to litter places where we trek to and instead carry the litter with us and dispose of it properly in the designated areas.

As a responsible tourism company, DWT encourages you to take as many photographs as you want, enjoy the natural beauty to the fullest, and leave beyond only the footsteps. Everyone must maintain the peace, tranquility, and beauty of the landscapes they visit so that future generations can have a chance to see and enjoy this god's gift.

Discovery World Trekking and Social Responsibility

We put both our customers and the society here at the heart of each service we provide. It is a win-win situation for both sides. The Discovery team continuously receives feedback and evaluates ways to better serve valuable clients and the local people living in the trekking area. Since we employ local people living in the trekking areas, they understand the consequences of actions taken by visitors and make visitors aware of these consequences.

Protecting natural treasures is in the best interests of everyone, especially those who will be hereafter.

Discovery World Trekking contributes positively to the communities we interact with. We welcome, respect, and celebrate differences in culture, people, and lifestyles. By sharing the best of Nepal with our customers, we are also providing an economic lifeline to remote places where economic activities are limited.

Giving back to the community is one of the goals of the Discovery World Trekking team. We set aside a certain percentage of our total profits to social organizations.

The Discovery World Trekking family invites you to visit some of the world's most mesmerizing landscapes that only Nepal can offer. DWT has been conducting trips and tours to show the hidden natural treasures in Nepal for decades.

We have been welcoming people from around the world and showing them incredible scenery - including the mighty Himalayas over a decade. This experience has taught us how to treat our clients with heart-warming hospitality. You do not need to take our word for this. Give us a chance to serve you.

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Discovery World Trekking is the trademark name of Discovery World Trekking Pvt. Ltd. Our name, logo, and slogan are registered in Nepal. Our Nepal Tourism Board trekking and travel company license number is 1495.

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