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Ever since Nepal was opened its door to foreigners, tourism has really brought cheers to the Nepali Economy--nearly 4 percent of the total GDP and equally has contributed to creating employment opportunities for many also has contributed to the infrastructure building, in health, education, and so forth. However, because a massive influx of travelers from across the world to Nepal also has brought the problems together such as environmental degradation, social tension or social breakdown, the loss of traditional or indigenous culture, the distinct culture of the various ethnic and caste groups which had been preserved from centuries.

If it is to evaluate or see the benefits of the tourism--the villagers, who once struggled for fetching water to quench thrust, are having running water, so as the uninterrupted electricity, education, health centers, and so forth. Marginalized communities living alongside trekking trail are making good business, and due to increasing mobility, some of them even? have an opportunity to go abroad, most importantly, many of them have employment. But then, as said above, tourism equally has brought numerous negative effects. Therefore, there is a need for responsible tourism.

Responsible tourism in Nepal is all that minimizes the negative impacts on the socio-environment, rather if it contributes to the economy of the local people and helps enhance the well-being of diverse communities which directly or indirectly contribute to tourism.

It is obvious that due to globalization and modern development, we wish to enjoy modern technological developments, including that of dress, but the diverse people living in the remote village do not have access to TV or modern technologies including modern dresses, and therefore, they have been able to preserve the local culture, lifestyles, and rituals intact. The way, you dress, talk, and interact with the local people will directly influence.

The people living in the village warmly welcome, join their both hands and greet saying Namaste, you better reply to them saying Namaste with a smile, better do not shake hands especially with the opposite sex and kiss in public hands. Therefore, we urge you to keep cultural consideration.

Similarly, by keeping in mind the negative environmental impacts, Discovery World Trekking Team has been operating the trekking packages only in the designated trekking trails so as the campsite or the resting places. We give more importance to the homestay trekking and uses accommodations in local lodges or hotels if there are available, so that at least to some extent, DWT Support to orphanage building school in a remote region, Planning tree for Next Generation, all our staffs are local, we decided to give some certain % of our total profits to social Organizations. we can contribute to the local economy. If we do have camping, we opt for alternative ways of using firewood.

Likewise, we try to maintain cleanliness, do not throw the litter everywhere, and suggest our clients as well not do so, rather we carry such litter in the backpack and dump only in the designated place.

Our motto of responsible tourism is that take as many photographs as you can, enjoy the natural beauty as you can, travel any parts of the country you want and can, but keep the abovementioned things in your mind and be abide by them, not for others but just to safeguard the nature and the distinct culture of local people, try to be responsible tourists.

Discovery World Trekking and Social Responsibility

We put our customers and the society here at the heart of each and everything we do. Not only do we continually request feedback and evaluate the ways in which we operate, but we also continue to get better and learn from each and every situation in order to improve the touring experience while improving the social conditions of Nepal.
We engage the people along the way and find out more from them on how we can commit to being a better and more responsible traveler, tour operator, and user of natural resources and the environment. Being a caretaker of our own actions in the natural environment protects natural treasures and is in the best interests of everyone, especially those who will be hereafter we leave.

Discovery World Trekking aims to contribute positively to each and every community that we encounter and we welcome and respect differences in culture, people, and lifestyles. By sharing the best of Nepal with our customers, the benefits of trekking and traveling in Nepal can ripple out to all involved. Our staff is committed to making a positive difference for both our guests and host communities.

We invite you to share Nepal with us and enjoy our years of expertise and professional ethics to provide the best possible travel experiences for you and the communities that you will be visiting and discover the natural splendor and welcoming people of Nepal. The staff of Discovery World Trekking takes pride in showing you the hospitality and magnificence of the Himalayas with our cherished guests.

Our History in Service Excellence

Our History in Service Excellence
Our History in Service Excellence
Our History in Service Excellence
Our History in Service Excellence
Our History in Service Excellence
Our History in Service Excellence
Our History in Service Excellence
Our History in Service Excellence

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