About Us

We are a team of people born and raised in remote but awe-inspiring parts of Nepal, which now are famous trekking destinations. Therefore, we know the terrain, the challenges, the attractions, and the mysteries these terrains are hiding.

Our mission is to take you on a life-changing journey not just by showing you the mind-blowing geography that only Nepal offers but by winning your hearts and mind with our hospitality. We consider our clients a part of our family and are forever ready to help and care for them. The goal is always to make people happy.

In eleven years of service, we served more than 50 thousand clients. Tripadvisor has awarded us the Certificate of Excellence for the last eleven consecutive years.

In 2024, we received the Business Excellence Certificate from the World Confederation of Businesses based in Houston, Texas, USA.

Nearly two hundred valuable clients have awarded us with a 5 out of 5.0 rating (577 reviews) on Google. Similarly, we are rated 4.9 out of 5.0 (362 reviews) on Facebook and 4.9 out of 5.0 (184 reviews) on Trustpilot. Here are some visual reviews on YouTube.

Life is meant for happiness, and we strive hard to make everyone happy. This includes our staff because we understand that only a happy person can make others happy. In fact, we treat our co-workers as our second family. Our company policy does not allow any porter to carry more than 18 kg of load.

Our team members come from different age groups, and are well-educated, responsible, empathetic, and ethical. They are also hardworking, caring, friendly, and fluent in English and one additional language.

Since we have seen and experienced the hardships of remote Nepal personally, we are actively engaged in giving back to society. You can learn how our company contributes to social good here. We are also aware of environmental sustainability and do our best to leave only footprints throughout our trails and destinations.

Our History


Mr. Paul Gurung (CEO of Discovery World Trekking) consults with leading professionals, entrepreneurs, and tourists in Australia to start a DWT venture. Although Mr. Paul Gurung wanted to start such a venture very early in life, it takes shape after consulting with trek and tourism experts from various countries.

Planning & Foundation


Discovery World Trekking is officially registered in Nepal in 2011 - after gaining years of independent private and group treks & expedition experience of the founding members, especially the CEO, Mr. Paul Gurung, who grew up in the tough terrains of Ruby Valley. Quality service becomes the goal and happiness, the prime motto. DWT takes part in Nepal Tourism Year 2011.

Officially as Organization


Company promotion is at the center stage, but the company pays equal importance to culture and community. DWT organizes culture-sharing events that highlight Nepalese traditional music and costumes. This was our first step towards giving back to the community.

Promotion and Culture


Discovery World Trekking officially welcomes Mr. Bimal Gurung to join the family business. He was working for the company since its inception but also studying. After finishing his undergraduate degree in travel & tourism, he becomes DWT's Executive Director and takes the business to new heights.

Welcoming Executive Director


After three successful years, the company's future looks promising. The Founder/CEO Paul Gurung decides to give back to the community. As a part of corporate responsibility, DWT starts donating to orphanages, schools, and the community in remote areas. This proves to be the beginning of DWT's outreach programs. A certain percentage of profit is donated to outreach funds each year. This proves to be an awakening moment for every member of the DWT Family.

Giving Back to Community


Mega-earthquake hits Nepal, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives and severe property damage, mainly homes. DWT springs to action. A chartered helicopter full of food and supplies flies to a remote village in Ruby Valley. The earthquake exposed the fragility of human life. DWT reaffirms its commitment to helping the needy through outreach funds.

Rebuilding the Community After the earthquake


Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun of Nepal awards a token of appreciation to Discovery World Trekking for robust and responsible tourism. The reward recognized our effort in social work, eco-tourism, and responsible tourism. By now, DWT had already helped thousands of travelers and professional climbers/trekkers to realize their dream of exploring the Himalayas.

Vice President Confers a Token of Appreciation for Responsible Tourism


To secure a better future for young students in the Ruby Valley through better education opportunities, DWT builds computer labs complete with printers at Shree Kanyadevi School in Chalish and Himalaya Sarswati Basic School in Khading. DWT distributes smoke-free wood-burning stoves to save the Chalish inhabitants from carcinogenic smoke originating from traditional firewood-burning stoves.

Educational Contributions and Social Welfare Initiatives


After nine successful years of spreading joy with thousands of travelers and climbers, it is time to celebrate 9 years of successful service in anticipation of the 10th Anniversary. Though we celebrate every year as a part of the annual gathering, this year was extra special. Celebrity guests, singers, and professional chefs add more fun to the party. The celebration marks the hard work and determination put in by each DWT family member for the company's success.

Special Company Celebration


Coronavirus pandemic hits Nepal. Nepal government declares lockdown; tourism comes to a grinding halt. Discovery World Trekking family decides to use this time to safely explore Ganesh Himal Region around Ruby Valley to discover new adventurous trails so that the local community and Nepal government can benefit.

Fighting against the Coronavirus


For most parts of this year, the tourism industry is hardly functioning. DWT organizes a fundraising program for hard-hit staff so that every team member is happy.

Tourism industry slowly awakens


The tourism industry revives, and DWT remains busy showing the guests the best of Nepali terrain, culture, and tradition. The CEO of DWT publishes two articles about his personal trek experience in leading English-language newspapers in Nepal: Ruby Valley, an underexplored gem (The Kathmandu Post), and A soul-soothing trek to the Everest Base Camp (The Annapurna Post).

The tourism industry gathers pace.


As a part of the company’s commitment to the welfare of its employees, DWT sets up a fund for contingencies. The company contributes a major portion of the fund, while the employees contribute based on trek completion. DWT, as a responsible employer, has other rules in place, such as disallowing porters to carry more than 18 kg of luggage, providing standard equipment, health insurance, etc.

Welfare Funds for the DWT Team


World Confederation of Businesses (Texas, USA) awards Discovery World Trekking Business Excellence Certificate, recognizing our excellence in serving our clients. For the wellness of society, the DWT family continues to contribute to noble causes, including monetary help for needy patients with serious illnesses. To support the Gurung traditions, the company contributed to building a community house in Chitwan.

DWT awarded 2024 Business Excellence Certificate || Actively Contributes To Society

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Discovery World Trekking is the trademark name of Discovery World Trekking Pvt. Ltd. Our name, logo, and slogan are registered in Nepal. Our Nepal Tourism Board trekking and travel company license number is 1495.

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