The paragliding pre-world cup in Nepal

This event was organized by Nepal Air sports Association (NAA) in Pokhara for a weekend dated on February 26 to March 6, 2015.

The flight was stated from Sarankot Hill, Pokhara which is one of the best viewpoints of Nepal and landed to nearby Phewa Lake, Pokhara.

Adventure sport of paragliding was taken place in Pokhara of Kaski, first time in Nepal. In the program, approximately as many as 150 pilots participants were counted in the competition in which a number of expert pilots from different countries like Russia, Nepal, India and other countries were 30, 25, 10 and 84 respectively.

According to the Rabin Gurung, a technician of Nepal Air sports Association (NAA), practice time among the pilots were given on Friday to do flight over Sarankot, Armala, Dhikidanda and Toripani of Kaski. Many more both domestic and international tourists were observing the flight over sky from the banks of Pokhara Lake. Further adding, successful competition of program will help across the global promotion of adventure and tourism industry of the nation.

Moreover, various criteria among participants were used to involving in the competitions. Likewise, in case of an incident happening, there was well management of helicopter facility for rescue operation, an alternative landing space facility, full accessibility of transportation and communication, good security deployed from both sides of Nepali Army and Police as well as expert team of doctors.

The participation were divided into six groups to compete with representation of nation like overall women, overall Nepali and Sports Class category etc.

In previous years, both men and women were in the program as participants. However, this year, women were unlikely to involve. Winner will be announced in accordance with overall performance. First, second and third winner in the competition had been given cash prize along with trophy, medal and certificate.