Why Discovery World Trekking?

'Discovery World Trekking' is a government registered Nepalese Trekking & Expedition company known for our expertise in leading trips in the Himalayas in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan. We are a team of highly dedicated professionals, passionate about what we do with over decades of experience. We always provide accurate detailed and comprehensive information on any trips about Nepal Himalaya to help you be fully prepared and know what to expect.

We have a deep understanding of the background of cultural and historical places that we are traveling to. Over the years our team of leaders, climbers,  guides, porters, and staff have developed first-hand knowledge and experience in outdoor adventure activities and have a deep understanding of all the attractions, they are ready to share their experience of the true nature of the destination. If our set itinerary is not suited for you, we are experienced in organizing private itineraries .all of our trips can be tailored to suit your personal interests and dates. We have been guiding clients to Nepal Himalaya since our establishment in 2000 A.D. Our experienced tour guide will also take you around the Kathmandu valley for sightseeing and many other attractive destinations with a comprehensive explanation of the locations and monuments. Our trekking guides will take you to the high snow-capped mountains with a detailed briefing of the mountains, culture, geography, flora, and fauna, etc.

Apart from the best package deals and very warm hospitality Discovery world trekking is a travel company where we believe all the trekkers are our family and we make sure our family doesn’t get any kind of inconvenience. The best part is we have probably the finest equipment for any kind of treks and we have a very good relationship with the people in trekking areas which gives our customer family extra privilege and homely feelings on every trek or trip. Unlike other companies, we are locally established here so we make sure trek costs are not sky touching high so that people can enjoy their trek holidays anytime they want. As a professional guide, and a very adventurous person we understand exactly what visitors want and need as Discovery World Trekking clients. we passionately are committed to leading the tourism industry in a sustainable way and very active in contributing to the community initiatives to improve living standards, economic growth, and quality education in the remote areas, particularly Chalise Dhadhing. We have strong social values and believes that giving is always better than taking and has set aside more than  10% of the company’s business benefit solely for social work.

Cause it’s not just business for DWT as we make sure people who choose our company for their trek to get the best possible experience and be happy while they return home. We have very experienced trek leads/ guides and probably the finest equipment as we said it earlier and the important thing is we make sure that you are safe and healthy all the time, we have a 100% successful track record every time and we also have very good public relation with people in trekking and hiking areas which makes our hospitality one of the best one and we believe we give the package deals in the market, so choosing our company for trekking hiking or any adventure will definitely give a homely feeling.

Happiness guarantee

Our mission is your 100% satisfaction and that’s what we stand for.
Discovery World trekking has high standards in quality service. Our goal is to provide our valuable clients with the best possible experience and beyond. It’s been two decades since DWT has been in the Tourism market and we are proud to announce we reached 50k Happy customers with 5 in a row Certificate of Excellence By TripAdvisor.

Is Happiness Guarantee with DWT?

Yes, you heard that right, DWT makes sure that your trip was full of fun and joy. DWT has well trained professional Trek leaders who not only guides you throughout your trip but also makes sure you are bliss most of the time.

During the trip, Our Crews organize fun events like a dance party, playing cards, and singing events which will make your trip more enjoyable and homely. You’ll dance, sing and enjoy being around Nepali Culture like you were here forever, Recently DWT organized a birthday celebration on Everest Base Camp and that’s something which sets us apart.

DWT makes sure that you’re in the best health condition during the trek and for that all our trek leaders have done First aid and other emergency medicals training which might help in an emergency. Apart from that, you’ll always be connected to Main Office and trek leaders with whom you can share anything and we’ll always be ready to help and assist. In gist, DWT assures your safety, security, and satisfaction at its fullest.

We welcome you as a family, not just valuable customers for the business.

DWT is not just a Tour Company that organizes the treks and serves the clients till the last day. Once you book any package via Discovery World Trekking, you’re a part of the DWT family. 
Here at DWT, we have 3 families. Our 1st family is “our family by blood” who supports you since the days 1st when you enter this world, our 2nd family are the people with whom we work day and night to make DWT what it is today “Our DWT team” and our 3rd family are our valuable clients without whom nothing would have been possible for Discovery World Trekking.
As our motto is “happiness is the key”, we stick to our quote in each and every part of the service. We make sure each and every crew of DWT are happy so that they can work at their best to provide our valuable clients with the best possible service and that’s how we made our journey of two decades.

As you’re part of the DWT family, we make sure our family has hygienic food and accommodations during the trip with us, we make sure you have all the necessary equipment and guidance before the trek, we assure that your trip is full of memories and happiest moments and the best part is everything comes with any package you book and that’s Discovery World Trekking Guarantee. 

With DWT you’ll be helping in the education and development of Remote Villages of Nepal

Did you know, by Booking any package with DWT you’re donating a certain percentage of our business profit to remote villages of Nepal, for more info visit Discovery Outreach Funds

What Does the Happiness packages Covers?

With all said, your trip packages cover “Domestic Flights, Best Accommodation Hotels, Foods, transportations, pieces of equipment, wages of Guides & porters, fun, dance on folk songs, singing, learning Nepalese language, enjoyment, etc ” and also added a certain percentage of our business profit donation to Our Outreach funds, That is what we called Happiness guarantee with Discovery World Trekking

Cause We are Family

Life was meant for good friends and great adventure, and we believe we are working hard to keep that quote alive for our valuable clients.

They say, the price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it and here again, we, Discovery World Trekking make sure that each and every moment with us is worth many exchangeable lives.

For that, We have basically three families and they are our secret to our successful 20 years in the travel and expedition industry.

To be a bit specific, Our First and foremost family is our own family by blood, they are the one stood by with us in our every step of life, kept motivating us and this applies for everyone we suppose.

Our 2nd family are the people with whom we work, our DWT members, all those people worked day and night with us to built Today’s Discovery World Trekking, it’s our most powerful secret cause it’s all because of we together, we make sure everyone is happy when he/she works for the company cause” happiness is the key” to successful work and only happy person can make others happy with their job or anything, we make sure all employees in our company works with all his honesty and also make sure they are satisfied both emotionally and economically and our last but not the least 3rd family are our valuable clients that come to visit Nepal Via our Company, No matter which trek, No matter which trip we always make sure we give them the best possible service because they are our family now. we make sure each and every trekker that go trek with us be happy and feel home throughout his/her entire trek so that incoming future even they have a family to call here in Nepal, and this is what inspires us a lot because after we become family  If we treat you as a customer, we’ll just do business with you but if we treat you like family we built a relationship and that’s what sets Discovery World Trekking different apart from others,

We will do a perpetual process, not compromise it anything. Our foremost motto is Client satisfaction, happiness, interest, well-being, and a sense of comfort, and these all are our first priority. These are the main key point of our business to become one of the leading and growing companies in Nepal Himalaya.

We are always open to valued clients to give us advice and suggestions in our services to provide better service as we are always striving to improve our services to stay ahead of our competitors. We do the hard work possibly everything and anything in a team to make your positive response and feedback of our services; these are the main objectives of our business; we are continually doing hard work in the coordination of the team to accomplish your dream holiday into reality to make a lifetime pleasant memory.

It makes us proud to offer the most reliable services while appearing happiness and joy feeling in our valued clients face when the trip is over. We highly encourage you to leave a Good 5-star review on Tripadvisor if you enjoyed with us and share your experience with the world.

  • We take great care of clients from arrival until the safe departure to the homeland
  • We keep in connection, contact, and touch with our valued clients from the time of booking unless to reach safely to the home country.
  • Our, Head office from Kathmandu, communicate every day on the phone to know the current conditions of groups while traveling in any corner of the Nepal Himalaya.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable Tour guide with private transportation will lead you around Kathmandu valley sightseeing with a detailed description of its significant places including the World Heritage Sites (UNESCO) such as Swoyambhu, Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath, Bhaktapur temple, Patan Durbar Square, etc.
  • We carefully design any trip itinerary focusing on proper acclimatization.
  • We customize any trip itinerary to suit your needs, interest, desire, and demand.
  • Our representative member from Discovery World Trekking with private transportation holding a pamphlet of your name on our company board will come to your arrival terminal at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu for hassle-free transfer to the hotel.
  • We cater special dietary requirements for your trip to make your balance diet, seasonal fruits as well as stabilize your strength physically and mentally
  • We arrange as well as take care of your domestic flight ticketing, transfers, permits, and official paperwork.
  • We ensure to provide the best lodge, take hygienic and fresh food while traveling.
  • Snacks (cookies) and Seasonal fresh fruits every day
  • Though plenty of non-veg items will be available we won’t recommend any of them because the meat in such places is not hygienic and healthy during the trek. 
  • Our experienced professional leader and guide are friendly and helpful they will take care of you everything and anything.
  • We provide you with free extra time every day on any trip to enjoy as you wish
  • Our leader or guides teach you some common spoken Nepali language.
  • Our leader or guide shares with you some Nepali songs or magical play cards, jokes before going to bed.
  • We provide the best itinerary on any trip for hiking/waking each day in a more relaxed joy and entertainment way which is also best for the prevention of Altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS).
  • We provide enough time for proper acclimatization day at higher elevations: your leader or guide suggests you stay active the whole day during the acclimatization day or they will take you for a side trip to visit around the villages, monasteries, or museum during these days.
  • You can communicate anytime about your coming day trip programmed. However, your leader or guide takes some of your time each day for the next day trip briefing along with dinner or after having dinner. You can put your curiosity, the leader or guide will say in details to solve your curiosity.  

You can communicate anytime about your coming day trip programmed. However, your leader or guide takes some of your time each day for the next day trip briefing along with dinner or after having dinner. You can put your curiosity, the leader or guide will say in details to solve your curiosity.  

History of Excellence to be Trusted

We, DWT,  are a team of friendly, hard-working professionals with extensive training and experience
Of 20 years with Excellence welcomes all travelers and peace seekers for their life experience venture With Discovery World Trekking with an assurance of Happiness guarantee.

In the history of 20 years, we have set a record of 99.9% successful treks with all kinds and comforts being helpful to all our valuable clients who made DWT what it’s today.

We are familiar with each trekking destination, we know what quality service is and how can we make your stay better.

As a socially reputed company, we make sure you take all the privileges, we promise a reasonable cost with all possible facilities like flexible itinerary, fixed departure guarantees, a great care of client health, safety and free hassle travel, give first priority to the client satisfaction and financial protection, etc.

Furthermore, we feel proud to be over 60 (%) repeat and recommend clients, Seasonal discount,s and (99%) success trip rate. Here are the experiences shared by our valuable Clients on Tripadvisor

The team of Local expert’s leaders, Climbers, Guides, Porters, Cooks and crews

We select the leaders, guides based on professional ability, skills, risk measure analysis, supervision ability, etc.

All our Trek leaders and Guides are “Authorized wilderness” with Professional First Aid Training addition to Nepal trekking guide license. Each of them begets a decade of leading tours and trekking experience in all the trekking regions of Nepal Himalayas. We employ local people, especially from the trekking areas who have deep intrinsic passion and commitment to the tourism sector. All of them have involved in various awareness Nepal reputed training organizations, have obtained the certificate of appreciation in every operation.

All our success of contribution goes to the teamwork of our talented, hard work, honesty, the best hospitality, and experienced staffs and an excellent team of specialists, without their effort, no our tour plan would be a success and get achieved. We consider that all the members in our teams are integral to our success from the joint effort of porters, cooks, and guides to managers and founders of the Company.

  • Intensive Wilderness First Aid
  • Authorized certificate of Trekking Guide Training
  • Fluency speaking English and another major language
  • Conservation and Biodiversity
  • Rock climbing (both for guides and expedition leader) and Ice climbing and mountaineering (especially for the expedition leader)

Our experts’ team is our fastest property of the business to enhance the organization's objective in a particular time period. Each of our members is ethical standard, co-ordinate, co-operate, support with each other for any help to the clients. We are always striving for improving their facilities in high standards. Our policy toward the team of leaders, guides, and porters are listed in the following.

  • All the leaders, guides, porters, cooks, and crews are insured
  • We provide them with insurance and medical coverage care
  • We provide the guides and porters basic accommodation facility during the trek such as lodge/ tents/ sleeping gear, season based clothing, and insurance policies.
  • We allow the porters to carry out the luggage under the weight of 18 Kg for two clients. Overload is always restricted that goes ours beyond the company policy.
  • We respect and treat them well as it is our humanity to conduct equal behavior among all team members.
  • Our aim is to not earn only the profit but foremost important is to employ the local people in our organization.
  • We encourage the leaders, guides, and porters to participate in the tourism-related awareness and training program to adjust to the dynamic environment.
  • We motivate, inspire, and encourage creating a harmonious and friendly environment among the teams and our valued clients.
  • We conduct an official meeting among a team each time before and after the trip to inform and discuss the work progress and strength; identity, analyze, improve and solve weakness and problem.
  • We create a good working environment to enhance their best performance.
  • We provide a high industry standard level payment (Wage and Salary).
  • We provide the branded trekking equipment manufactured by Discovery World Trekking! 

Healthy, Safety and free hassle travel

Long experience in the Nepal Himalaya has qualified us with countless encounter about how to make your trip successful. We consider the following points strictly to make your trip unmatchable with others.

Discovery World Trekking would like to urge all our valuable clients that they should arrive in Kathmandu a day earlier in the afternoon before the day we departed and start our Trek the next day, To make sure that you’ll attend our Official Briefing as an important Pre-meeting. The reason we do so is we want to make sure that you get proper mental guidance and necessary information just to have a recheck of equipment and goods for the journey to make sure you haven't forgotten anything and if forgotten, then make sure that you are provided with those things ASAP on that very day. This pre-meeting will give a clear idea about the necessary types of equipment and the challenges you may face in the trek, information about the climates and weather condition,s and emotional support by the officials which will be a kind of motivational seminar for you to be prepared and excited about the trek.

Our client's health and safety is our main concern when you book a trip with us, we provide you with valuable, accurate, and practical advice relating to your health and safety measure.

We also provide some valuable tips about how to stay healthy in the high altitude Himalaya and what we do in the event of an emergency.

  • We suggest clients consult with a doctor before planning the trek in the Himalaya about the disease like heart, blood, etc.
  • We suggest you do general exercise early in the morning like a morning walk, cycling. It would be better to develop your stamina as you know the higher elevation requires high stability of physical and mental strength than the technical skills.
  • We suggest the client purchase the travel insurance policy that has been covered the heli-rescue and medical evacuation policy. It is better for rescue operations in case of emergency conditions in the remote higher elevation.
  • Our leader or guide are experienced, well-trained and specialized in the altitude-related situation, they will take great care of everything, make aware about Acute Mountain Sickness ( AMS) and arrange your hiking/ walking day accordingly
  • Our leaders or guides advise you to drink plenty of water each day (3 or 4 liters daily) mainly in traveling at high altitudes.
  • Our leaders or guides advise you to avoid drinking alcohol, wine, taking a cigarette, sleeping pills while traveling any corner of Nepal Himalayas
  • Our flexible itinerary allows you to ascend slowly in the high altitude, adequate rest time on the route, and proper acclimatization day.
  • We strongly use the principle of “Climb high and sleep low” to prevent high mountain sickness in each trip above 3,500m.
  • Our leader or guide takes some essential medical kit for primary treatment.
  • Our leader or guide chooses the best hotels or lodges along the entire trip and offers you the best hygienic and fresh food.
  • We cater to the special dietary requirements for any trip.
  • We take great care of you from pick up to drop off at the airport (Arrival to Departure).
  • We take great care of you all accommodation and transportation during your stay in Kathmandu and outdoor adventure activities.
  • We arrange private transportation on all longer road journeys to feel a sense of comfort and ensure the freedom of exploration.
  • We make sure ready for all domestic flights ticket and climbing permits at the prescribed time.
  • Entrance fee for all (cultural heritage sites, National Conservation Area) and permits are included in every trip package.
  • Our guide provides a purified tablet for safe drinking water and has an oximeter to measure oxygen and pulse level from time to time


Discovery World trekking Certificate of Successful Trek

Discovery World trekking team are motive by the principal that journey to Nepal during clients’ holiday make long-lasting memories. To meet the expectation of the client, we offer standard quality service, give more attention to happiness, satisfaction, and enjoyment. After completion of a trip, we provide a digital printed official Discovery World Trekking certificate of achievement along with souvenir; company’s cap and t-shirt as a present of the company.

Affordable price guarantees

Entire tour package provides you with the full-board meals, accommodation, domestic flights, transportation,  permits and Trekkers Management Information System (TIMS Card), entrance fee for cultural heritage, National Conservation Areas, cater special dietary foods, a decade of experienced frankly, helpful, genuine and reliable trekking crews with their full insurance, medical kit facility, etc. Our entire trip packages are flexible in terms of not included the hidden extra cost or overhead costs. We consider the value of money so we offer a best-valued trip in Nepal Himalaya at a very reasonable cost. We are here to help you and your financial problem will not play a great role in your trip. We provide you with the best service without cutting any quality on any trips. We also offer the service like unpackaged (service) tours, special discounted tours in a group, customized the itinerary, etc. If you are thinking to visit Nepal Himalaya during your holiday but a financial obligation/problem has spoiled your tour plan. We offer high-quality service at an affordable cost compared to international travel companies.

Fixed departure guarantees and your own private departure

We have set out fixed departure dates on each trip; all our set tour itineraries are guaranteed available to run your trip. If our set departure dates are not suited for your need. You have the option of a private departure where you can choose your own convenient dates. We have also been organizing private tours/Trips successfully for any kind of individual and group. We are always accessible and accommodated on your selected request trip also.

Flexible itinerary of the trek that suits you!

ll our tours itineraries have designed in such a way to suit your specific dates and needs. If you are not able to find the perfect trip holiday packages from our company website, you can directly contact us about the duration of your holiday. Our Discovery World Trekking team will adjust and design an itinerary to match your requirements, budget, interest, and time frame. Our specialist will always create your entire holiday best-preferred trip.

During the trek, we also motivate you to make your trek successful along with convenience.    

Environmental policy

We have the motto “take the only photo of the journey and leave only footprints in the area you visit. We obey the following guidelines to protect the environment.

It is our responsibility as individuals, groups, and organizations to protect the environment from wastage, ugly, and destruction to practice the eco-green environment. All our team members are well-trained and aware of the negative impact on the environment. They are frequently participating and initiate the environmental campaign and maintain a healthy living environment.

  • We minimize the use of paper, focus on the use of online brochure, e-news, etc
  • In camping trek, we cook meal use of gas or Kerosene to eliminate the wood fire resources from destruction.
  • We stay at the tea house, lodge, or hotel along the trip routes in tea house trek for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc using alternative energy like gas for cooking meals.
  • We dispose properly of all biodegradable rubbish on the spot at the campsite.
  • We bring back all the non-biodegradable things such as batteries, plastic, tin, etc in Kathmandu for proper disposal.
  • We keep campsite free of rubbish after leaving the campsite in better conditions.
  • We do not pollute water resources by soap or wastage rubbish.
  • We minimize water usage while bathing.
  • We use the thermos for storing boiled water in the trekking.
  • Unnecessary packing items are kept in reusable containers.

We are committed to Social Responsibility

We have been involving various social activities to help the people suffering from the natural disaster and we donate a sum of money in order to build the house to the homeless people, to help the food for the victim of landscape people, to educate the poor people, to support the orphanage house, to build the school and hospital in a remote area. We are also supporting the Ganesh Himal (Ruby Valley Trekking region) for the development of fundamental infrastructure like school, health post, suspension bridge, reduction of carbon emission, forest protection, and conservation, etc.?Likewise, after the most powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 hits in Nepal at 11:56 a.m on 25 April and continued aftershock. It caused vulnerable conditions in the country being killed several people, made hundreds of thousands of people homeless. We all the team involved in aid program giving first priority to the remotest and backward area, deprived of the access of government. We became the first to respond to an emergency aid campaign in Chalish village following with computer labs for several schools (by donating laptops) and other lifestyle uplifting facilities for common people there. We distributed a tent, food, and medicine to villagers by using a helicopter despite the expensive charge. Here are detailed activities of relief distribution,

DWT & OLCY supported Aid Program to earthquake victims in Chalish

With DWT you’ll be helping in the education and development of Remote Villages of Nepal, Did you know, by Booking any package with DWT you’re donating 10% of the profit to remote villages of Nepal, for more info visit Discovery Outreach Funds

Private groups and personalized services

We focus on private groups providing a tailored itinerary to suit your required specific dates. We have been organizing each year many private group tours successfully from all around the world on the basis of the client’s requirements.

If you have your own private tour group but you are unable to find the perfect trip itinerary, we ensure Discovery World Trekking will be your first choice. You just need to contact us to inform you, we customize you any trip itinerary on time discussing your tour briefing.

Flexible Options during the trek according to your interest

The Discovery World Trekking team gives the most priority to the client’s interest. We have created additional options for the facility in the event of the expansion of your holiday, change of your tour itinerary, and restriction in the area due to safety reasons, etc.

We can expand the duration of your holiday in Nepal If the client shows interest in further attractive places after the competition of long trek.  we organize short day trekking that offers unique exciting and thrilling places like Nagarkot trekking, Sarangkot trekking, Ghorepani poon hill trekking,?Chitwan Jungle safari etc. You can discuss it at any time when you feel comfortable.

Any trekking route you book with us is not allowed to trek because of safety reasons which are beyond our management control like a flood, landscape, climate change, etc. In such an event, we need to cancel the trip to a specific area. You do not need to be worried. We are responsible for preparing your next alternative for the replacement of the cancellation tour. Discovery World Trekking has developed different trekking packages; we offer the best trekking itinerary carrying exciting and thrilling with your agreement and interest with details trek briefing.

Our Social Platforms

We think these above-mentioned points may be enough for you to declare the one of the best leading local Nepal adventure trekking and Expedition Company. However, we are superbly linked with a social network like Google plus, Trip Advisor, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many more.

Discovery World trekking Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor and our client's review and their trust!

We are the winner of the world's largest trusted travel site Trip Advisor's certificate of excellence award 2015,2016, 2017,  2018, and 2019. This reward is the result of teamwork constant hard work, great integration, and cooperation. The written review of the previous client's experience on Trip advisor can be checked out. Whereas in Youtube, you see the video describing feedback and response about our overall service by our valued clients from the trekking spot. Lastly, you can see the official Discovery World Trekking pages uploading the current activities of photos, videos, on other social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more.

Our trusted source of accurate and detailed information builds up your full confidence to travel with us to make your holiday a long-lasting memory. Please feel free to contact us for more tour information.

We provide financial protection

As we know Tourism is a service industry and every activity is done on the basis of trust. Money is to be paid in advance for confirmation of any trip, in such a case you have no experience of a great risk involved. We ensure your financial transaction 100 (%) percent secure, transparent as a reputed trekking organization authorized by Nepal Tourism Board, Nepal Government, Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Industry Department, Company Registration Office, Nepal National Bank, and Taxation office. However, as being an authorized organization, we are also responsible as well as guaranteed to refund your advance payment deposits according to the payment policy at the time of any trip cancellation.

It’s also a risky work associated with the reliability and trustworthiness of the organization. Our organization has been operated under the affiliated prestigious regulatory bodies including the Trekking Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), and Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP). We use your advance payment arrangements for the prior provision of permits purchase, advance airline Ticket booking, advance Hotel reservation, advance transportation ticket booking to make sure your holiday as you wish.

We Treat Everyone equally and that's our motto

All our DWT members are treated equally and well paid financially too. Trek Leaders, porters, etc all have their insurance during the trek and like our valuable client, their safety is also our top priority.

We have been seeing many companies make their porter carry more than 20 kg but as both humans and families don't allow us to do so.

Our porters carry 9 kg per person and he carries for 2 person which means they carry a total of 18 kg and not more than that. However, if you want to carry more things we highly recommend you to take as less luggage as you can but if you want more than 18kg up in the Himalaya it would cost you some extra charge and we can provide that too

Free Easy Online trip Booking!

No transaction charge shall cost you while bookings on advance or full payments.

Last minute booking

Clients who are at last minute (24 hours before the trek ) on their Nepal trip due to any reasons, however, they are eager to confirm booking trips within a short span of time DWT happily books treks 24 hours earlier of the trek. Discovery World Trekking has made a special booking provision with regard to the Nepal trip, your last minute booking with 100 (%) percent trip payments within 24 hrs is accepted. Likewise, we are always ready to be operated Nepal trip possible anytime. For this, you could contact us for more information at 977-  9851054143 / 9840055491 (Paul) or email us. However, in the case of the Tibet and Bhutan trip, we are unable to accept the final minute booking.

Enjoy your trek without having trouble with anything and that's what DWT is for you, a family-like feeling! 

We help in community development programs

We conduct safe and responsible adventures We take good care of all our staff who are like a part of our family. We are dedicated to environmental preservation. Since Discovery World Trekking was started in 2000, the company has devoted serious effort to develop the rural communities in Nepal. Over the years, this has been achieved by investing 15% of our business profit into rural development and relief programs. We have established ourselves as an ethical company that adheres to the law and international standards. We ensure all our trips are sustainable to nature and help in the infrastructural development of the region. We take proactive measures toward communal transformation and social wellbeing. We are involved in many rural developments, Educational Development, and relief programs. One of our business policies is to provide happiness, not only to our clients and staff but also to the entire community.

Our History in Service Excellence

Our History in Service Excellence
Our History in Service Excellence
Our History in Service Excellence
Our History in Service Excellence
Our History in Service Excellence
Our History in Service Excellence
Our History in Service Excellence
Our History in Service Excellence

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Discovery World Trekking

Discovery World Trekking is trademark name of Discovery World Trekking Pvt. Ltd. Our Name, Logo, Slogan are trademark registered in Nepal. "The tourism department trekking and travel company license" - Number is 1495.

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