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As a travel professional myself, I always do extensive research on the companies that I travel with. Discovery World Trekkings (DWT) is hands down the best trekking operator/company in Nepal. I can say this after traveling with them on the Annapurna Base Camp Trek and the Manaslu Circuit this past October and November. This is because of two things. First, the owner, Paul, cares an incredible amount about making his clients happy. He checks in every single day to make sure that they're having a great time and works night and day to guarantee that everyone traveling with him gets the best service possible. He also started as a porter himself and wants to make sure that his porters and guides are well taken care of. You can clearly see that the happiest porters and guides on the trail are his. Second, the guides and porters themselves are fantastic. My guides Simbir and Nir were some of the most caring, enthusiastic, and experienced trekking guides that I've had. They know the trails like the back of their hands and will alw ays make sure that you're happy. If you need some food, water, help caring your bag, breaks on the trail, a toilet, etc. they will be there to help and always with a smile. I can't recommend these two guides enough. To conclude, look no further. Travel with DWT and you're guaranteed to have a great time!
Gavin Greenberg
Outstanding! I am so happy with my experience trekking to Annapurna Base Camp with Discovery World Trekking. I arrived to Kathmandu last minute and was in dire need of a company to trek with an am truly overwhelmed by the service provided by Paul and his team. Paul was able to provide a flexible itinerary that allowed for changes in time and catered to my fitness level, he also assisted me with any equipment I was lacking such as accommodation either side of the trek. During the trek my guide and porter provided phenomenal support to me and their knowledge of the areas, culture, and community is truly something to behold. Annapurna Base Camp was at the top of my bucket list and I am so happy to have ticked it off in such a fashion. I already cannot wait to come back to Nepal and trek the Everest region with none other than Discovery World Trekking.
We found Discovery World Trekking on YouTube when we started planning our trip to Everest Base Camp. From the beginning, Paul explained how his company would take care of everything with complicated vacation logistics in Nepal including hotels, tea houses, mountain park passes, transportation, guide, porters and even helicopter services. Our guide Chhanda met us at the airport and took care of everything we needed from the first day, meeting Paul at the Discovery World Trekking office to review gear, until the day we reached our goal at EBC. He really made our trip special and shared his knowledge and experience about life in Nepal and Trekking in the mountains. They also provided us with 2 porters to help us bring all of our essential gear on our journey to EBC. Paul was always available if we had any concerns and checked in with us and Chhanda regularly. This included some last minute scheduling changes for routes that we requested that Paul was able accommodate for us at the last minute. Overall our experience using Discovery World Trekking for our trip to Everest Base Camp was one of the best vacations we ever had. They treated us like family and we felt comfortable and safe on this trip.
Rus Daru
We made the Annapurna with Tilich lake trek in 16 days with World Discovery Trekking. From the start, everything was well organized and we felt very comfortable. Paul briefed us virtually and personally, and called in various times on the trek. Our guide Chanda and our porter Cherong were amazing and took great care. Would highly recommend trekking with them. I hope to be coming back for another trek in the future!
We just completed the Mardi Himal and Khopra Danda trek, and couldn’t be more happy! The communication with Paul before the trek was excellent, and he answered all our (many) questions and was accommodating when we requested to change itinerary. We had an online briefing where we discussed what would be necessary to bring and details of the trek and he was always available. The trek itself was beautiful, going through forests and gorgeous scenery. The views, sunrise and sunset were mesmerising. The teahouses were great and the food was lovely. Our porter Lalman and our guide Sanjay were incredible. Sanjay really made the trip an amazing experience, we learned so much about the trails, the locals in each area, and Nepali life. We also danced and listened to Nepali music together and had some great conversations. He was also extremely attentive and helpful, cooked for us in some lodges and was keeping us in mind continuously, making sure we are taken care of, are safe, and not too tired. I will really miss his humor and company but hopefully we will be back again on another trek. Definitely recommend both the company, this trek and our guide!
Eirini Melegkovits

“EBC trek - as awesome as it can get”

5 - Excellent

Like all my holiday plans…. the panics and anxiety set in after we have made the decision to go on this adventure. Not going to say that this was an easy trek for me personally. But luckily, we had the DWT team on our side making things a lot easier from the start to finish. A friend had highly recommended contacting Paul from Nepal to organize our trip and must I say that it was one of the easiest and personalized experiences I've ever had. From the get-go, we had all the information that we need to plan the trip (eg. Maps and itinerary) and Paul was very responsive to all our inquiries (including how much money should we bring and how much training should we do). The trek was very enjoyable and we even learned some Nepalese along the way. I have a lot to thank our guide and assistant guide (aka photographers, waiters, Nepalese teachers, and everything else!) Dil and Kabir, who were very friendly and knowledgeable, and our speedy and smiley porter, Dhiraj, we couldn’t have made it up there without these guys. Dil was very patient, observant, and had been checking up on us all the way up making sure any sign of illness is caught early.

Monica and Chinthya are heading to EBC.
He would constantly update Paul back in Kathmandu to ensure that help is ready should we ever need one. As we got higher, the altitude sickness did get the better of me and I was struggling to complete the trek. If it wasn’t for Dil encouraging me along the way and kept me companied as I walk at snail pace towards the end, I probably wouldn’t have made it back from EBC to our lodge on day 8. It got so bad that I was sure I would need a helicopter to pick me up from EBC. Like Murphy’s law… I was airlifted out from Gorak Shep the next day and managed to lose my wallet while running to the helicopter. Paul took good care of us from airport pickup, help with money exchange at a good rate, coordinating with the insurance and helicopter rescue, making sure my hospital stay was as comfortable as possible, helping with reporting my lost wallet to the police, and even took out to dinner on our last day. The experience on the trip was definitely one of the best and easily most memorable. I would highly recommend Discovery World for the trekking trip in Nepal. Remember to ask for Paul from Nepal. :) Pros:- - Hassle-free booking - Informative and friendly guides - Local knowledge (eg food place and shopping areas) - Personalised service Tips for the future trek:- - Would be useful to have a packing list (would recommend taking a few types of medicine eg. antibiotics, cold meds, antihistamine, throat lozenges, etc); - Information on accommodation facilities (ie hot shower or potential laundry stop, limited running water, etc.) - Make sure your insurance covers search and rescue (eg helicopter rescue) and medical expenses. I used Travel insurance direct, TID (AUS).

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

5 - Excellent

Having recently returned to Minnesota from Nepal I must say this Trek was the experience of a lifetime! Paul was very good at answering questions promptly before we left. Our guides picked us up from the airport and brought us to the hotel even though the trek was still days away. We met with Paul to cover the details of the trek beforehand (and also I think to assess our fitness level since there were 5 family members ages between the late ’40s to mid-’60s), it was pretty thorough. Our guides Simbir and Maniss led us from the hotel to the tourist bus and all throughout the trek and back so that we never had to worry about transportation. On the trek, they were very attentive to our needs, one in the front of the group and one in the rear, by me! They booked all our rooms and took all our food orders, even supplying apples and pomegranate seeds after meals. The food really exceeded our expectations. They also carried snacks for us and made a special chili sauce for us to enjoy. There were times when the hills and the heat were really challenging for us and Simbir would offer to carry our day packs and extra water to lighten the load. I also really enjoyed their enthusiasm, you could tell they love the scenery as much as we did. Annapurna base camp was amazingly beautiful, make sure to venture out at night.

Annapurna Base Camp(4,130m)
Simbir has a nice camera and took many photos of us on the trek, including some great group shots! We had 3 wonderful porters; Manchin, Kul, and Umesh. I was glad to know that DWT has weight limits for their porters, it was important to us that they were treated well. The entire company is from the Gurung region and are like family. A few suggestions I would make The bus ride from Kathmandu to Pokhara was supposed to be 6-7 hours but it was 9 3/4 hours and the roads are bad. You might want to not do that both ways. On the way back we decided to fly, it was a beautiful 25-minute flight on Yeti airlines and Simbir and Paul made all the arrangements. $120 well spent. I’m not sure it’s possible, but if we could have trekked shorter distances each day and stretched the trip to 9 or 10 days, it would have been more enjoyable for us. I think most people that do the trek are younger than us and recover easier. The guest house accommodations get tighter as you approach the base camp. We always had a place to stay and a comfortable bed with a warm comforter, but some nights we needed to share a room, among our party of five. Overall it was an amazing experience and accomplishment and I would recommend Discovery World Trekking to anyone planning to go to Nepal.

Amazing ABC trek

George Mednick
5 - Excellent

My wife and I, both 70 years old, just completed the incredible ABC trek through Discovery World Trekking. We selected this company in part based on the excellent reviews. This proved to be a very good decision. The attention and thorough support from the owner, Paul, and our guide,

Geroge and Tamar at Annapurna Base Camp(5,364m)
Dol was incredible. Every aspect of the trek, from the airport, meet and greet, to farewell dinner and airport transport was greater than expected. Even though several days on our trek were impacted by an unusual surge in local and foreign trekkers who overwhelmed the available services on the route, Paul and Dol worked diligently to assure that our needs were met. Paul runs his company with a genuine passion to please his clients and spares no effort to do so. The available rooms and dining options are essentially the same all along the trek no matter which company organizes the trip. However, Discovery World Trekking provides the extra level of service to assure the comfort and needs of their clients are met or exceeded. Dol also provided knowledgeable insight into the life in Nepal that we observed along the trail. The value of the level of service provided is exceptional.

Annapurna Base Camp

5 - Excellent

While completing the ABC trek with Discovery World Trekking I was in constant awe of the energy, smiles, constant help, and care that I received from my guide and porters.

Kim, Jo, and Aga are at Annapurna Base Camp(4,130m)
These individuals answered our millions of questions about Nepal while making sure we were safe and well-fed the whole time. Always making sure we slept well and drank water, my friends and I enjoyed every minute of the great route and the company we had on this trekking.

Trip of a lifetime

5 - Excellent

Brilliant experience over two weeks. Unfortunately we had a few issues with cancelled flights from India but Paul did everything possible to rearrange things for us so we didn’t miss our trek. Our guide Dol was brilliant - very knowledgable and caring. Unfortunately he also had an uncanny skill of winning at cards every night! The two porters Mon & Lukhaman were brilliant and never stopped smiling, especially when beating us at snooker. Who knows how they get a snooker table up to to 4500m! The trip itself was great - hard work but very enjoyable. Two of our group were unfortunate to develop altitude sickness and had to descend - one by walking and one by helicopter. The arrangements made by Paul and his team were great and I felt reassured that Paul was there to meet my wife at the hospital and ensure that everything was ok. I would undoubtedly recommend DWT - a local company doing things in the right way. We hope to come back to Nepal sometime to explore more of many trekking routes available and would look no further than DWT.


5 - Excellent

We arrived as a group of 4 and began with a small missed flight! however Paul and his team rearranged everything with no worries, this made us know that we had booked with a wonderful company! We had the most fabulous guide, Dol and two amazing porters, Mon and Lukman. Unfortunately two of the group got bad altitude sickness. One was able to walk down however the other required helivac and once again Paul and his team organised everything without any extra stress to us. The whole team at Discovery World Trekking where professional and can not fault the care and organisation. Dol really went above and beyond to ensure all our needs where met and even on those extra cold nights ensured we had extra blankets! He is a true gentleman and would hope to see him again for future trips. I would highly recommend DWT to others. Thank you Paul, Dol, Mon and Lukman without you all I would not have made base camp. A really magical trip and you should all be so proud to be part of a great company.

15 day EBC trek via Goyoko lake

5 - Excellent

Extremely reasonably priced trek with a very ethical and respectful firm. Communication with Paul was easy throughout with prompt responses at all times. Our group threw quite a few problems Paul’s way (delayed start dates, Helecopter evacuations due to altitude sickness to name but a few!) and they were always met with solutions with the utmost professionalism. We were looked after from start to finish by his friendly and helpful staff and our guide Dole was a pleasure to spend time with. I would not hesitate in recommending Discovery World Trekking to anyone, Keep up the good work guys!!!

Highly recommended!

5 - Excellent

hanks Paul and our guide (Meng Sing). We had a memorable life time adventure experience with “Discovery World Trekking” team to Mt.everest base camp trek . Highly recommend company for ur adventure trip !

Epic Trip to Gokyo Ri

5 - Excellent

We had an awesome trek up to Gokyo and Gokyo Ri with our Guide Saroz and Manish. Had heaps of snow over a few days that set the scene for some amazing views. Thanks to Paul and his team for all their help and making things so easy for us. Will definitely be back.

Trekking to Gokyo Ri

5 - Excellent

This was our second trip to Nepal and the Khumbu region with Discovery World Trekking. We used Paul and the team again because we were super happy with our last trip up Lobuche East Peak. We've built a good relationship with the team and some of the Sherpa climbing guides and will continue to use Discovery to do future trips and peak climbing in Nepal.

Our History in Service Excellence


Discovery World Trekking is the trademark name of Discovery World Trekking Pvt. Ltd. Our name, logo, and slogan are registered in Nepal. Our Nepal Tourism Board trekking and travel company license number is 1495.

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