Since the formation of Discovery World Trekking, the company has contributed to the greater good of remote rural Nepali communities. Discovery World Trekking allocates a certain percentage of business profit to rural development and relief programs.

We are an ethical company that adheres to national laws and international standards while conducting safe and responsible adventures in all parts of Nepal. DWT believes that the world is a big family, and we treat everyone like a family member, including our DWT staff, valuable clients we serve, and locals in the trekking areas. Hence we are very concerned that our trips are sustainable and there are proper infrastructures for the locals residing in remote parts of Nepal.

We take proactive measures toward communal transformation and social well-being by contributing to rural development, educational development, and relief programs. One of our major goals is to provide happiness, not only to our clients and staff but also to the entire community.

Discovery World Trekking Outreach Fund

Our company organizes treks in some of the most rural districts of Nepal, where the quality of life is poor, and people lack basic necessities. Although, right now, these places have schools, and the children have access to basic education, but due to lack of funds, the infrastructure and facilities are questionable.

We especially want to ensure that all children in Nepal have access to good education and decent childhood so that they can grow up to become independent, responsible, pro-active citizens. The company puts aside a sizable percentage of profits to support charity and vulnerable communities.

Year 2013

We partnered with Impulse Adventures and donated daily necessities to local orphanages for their smooth functioning.

Year 2014

We helped a local school in Chalish village in the rural Ruby valley area by providing their students with basic school supplies, books, copies, teaching materials, and stationery. Our team physically went there and interacted with the children to understand their needs and their aspirations.

Year 2015

A 7.8 Richter Scale earthquake struck Nepal, killing thousands of people and leaving hundreds of thousands more homeless. Chalish village in the rural Ruby Valley region was one of the most affected regions, with almost all houses destroyed. The roads were all damaged at a time when the locals were desperate for aid and assistance. Discovery World Trekking, with support from ZOLCY (Zen's Outdoor Leadership Camp for Youth) and Impulse Adventures, chartered a helicopter and brought

immediate relief materials - tents, medical supplies, and food to the Chalish villagers.

Year 2017

This year we collaborated with ZOLCY and Open Learning Exchange (OLE) to provide laptops loaded with educational software to students in Chalish village. We donated eleven laptops to Chalish village and five more in Khading village. Our team also set up running computer labs in the local schools of these two villages. These formed the first computer labs established in both of these villages, and we are sure these labs will play a crucial role in enhancing education and learning in these places.

Young students were very excited to use a computer for the first time in their life and were able to use and learn from the interactive learning software.

Unfortunately, Chalish village lies in rural Nepal, where electricity is not always available. This affects the daily life of the villagers as electricity hinders the smooth running of the computer labs. Even now, though there is a small hydropower plant, it is not very reliable. We are thinking of establishing a reliable solar plant to run these computer labs. If you want to contribute, you can contact us at [email protected].

Year 2019

WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that every year four million die because of open wood-fire smoke that causes asthma, lung cancer, and pneumonia. We are sure thousands of Nepalese, including Chalish Villagers, share the same fate. To prevent this, DWT with Halls Outdoor Education distributed BioLite Home Stove to the Chalish households. Biolite Home Stove generates electricity from firewood while reducing smoke emissions by as much as 90%.

Discovery World Trekking believes in giving back to society as much as possible. We will be contributing to social good now and in the foreseeable future. After all, only by giving, we become richer.

Year 2024

DWT  remains committed to contributing to noble causes to uplift communities and support individuals facing serious challenges. On this philosophy, we provided monetary assistance to needy patients grappling with serious illnesses to ease their financial burdens. 

As a trek and tour operator, we understand the importance of preserving heritage and community identity. We contributed to constructing a community house in Chitwan, a project to promote Gurung traditions. This community house will provide a physical space for gatherings on different occasions and events.  

A global happy family.

DWT believes that the world is a global family, and we treat each other accordingly. Since only a happy person can make others happy, we are a happy team committed to bringing smiles to everyone's face. Come, join us in our journey, and we will show you incredible Nepali terrains that no place on earth can match.

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Discovery World Trekking is the trademark name of Discovery World Trekking Pvt. Ltd. Our name, logo, and slogan are registered in Nepal. Our Nepal Tourism Board trekking and travel company license number is 1495.

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