Ghode Jatra festival in Nepal- Being celebrated today

The annual festival of Nepal, Ghode Jatra meaning Horse festival is held in the month of Chaitra based on Nepali calendar The festival usually falls between the mid March and late march according to the English calendar. This festival is recognized as horse racing or horse parade of Nepal which is one of the most thrilling festivals observed only in cultural hub of Kathmandu valley with a grand parade in Tundikhel with acrobats and other performance by Nepali Army. Likewise, to mark this annual festival, other activities are also being organized at the Army Pavilion in Tundikhel today.

The festival was being held each year as per mythology in commemoration of victory over horrified demon named Tundi. Legend describes that there was a demon used to live on a meadow, the place is called now Tundikhel, always troubled with terror over Kathmandu ancestors. When people found his death body, they shared happiness to each other with dancing and horse riding on demon death body. Since then, it became a tradition way of expressing their enjoyment and pleasant through the dancing and horse riding. It is believed that parade at Tudhikhel during this day help demon spirit keep away. Moreover, it is likely to assume faster the horse run, the better the demon spirit will be dispelled.

Looking at another legend, this festival is observed to mark the New Year. In other hand, another event is taken place at Patan city during this occasion for both horse and rider to intoxicate with hard drinks and made rush swiftly with the people frightening it. The Goddess Bhadrakali- Lumarhi Devi for the Newar community is worshipped on this day.

Head of the state along with representatives of different ministers including the President Dr Ram Baran Yadav and Prime Minister Sushil Koirala have made schedule to present in inauguration programme. For residents living only in Kathmandu valley, Government of Nepal has given public holiday.