Food, drink, and accommodation on the Annapurna Base Camp Trek

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek is one of Nepal's most iconic and rewarding trek adventures in the Nepali Himalayas. While the landscapes are awe-inspiring and stunning, the experience wouldn't be complete without delving into the unique culinary offerings and diverse accommodations along the trail. In this article, we'll inform you about food, drink, and accommodation on the Annapurna Base Camp Trek to make this trek truly memorable. 

The Culinary Journey: Nepali Delicacies

Nepal is a multi-ethnic country. So, you will come across a variety of Nepali culinary traditions. On the Annapurna Base Camp Trek, you'll have the opportunity to savor a wide range of Nepali delicacies that will fuel your body and warm your soul.

Dal Bhat Tarkari: Dal Bhat Tarkari is a wholesome meal that consists of steamed rice (bhat) served with lentil soup (dal) and vegetables (tarkari). Varieties of side dishes, including pickles and sometimes meat or fish accompany this dish.  This balanced meal provides the necessary carbohydrates and proteins for trekkers. It is the most popular dish in Nepal, and many Nepalis eat Dal Bhat Tarkari twice a day. 

Momos: These dumplings are filled mostly with meat and sometimes with vegetables and are a favorite snack among trekkers. They are often served with a tangy tomato-based dipping sauce. Momos are the favorite snacks among Nepalis, and you will come across many restaurants that sell momos only.

Thukpa: Thukpa, originally from Tibet, is a hearty noodle soup with vegetables and sometimes meat. The soup is seasoned with a blend of spices, which may include cumin, coriander, turmeric, and chili powder, and garnished with fresh herbs like cilantro and green onions, as well as a squeeze of lime or lemon juice for added flavor.

Gundruk: A traditional fermented leafy green vegetable, Gundruk is a side dish, often served with Dal Bhat Tarkari. It is mainly prepared from radish, spinach, turnip, mustard, or cauliflower leaves. You can enjoy Gundruk as a soup, salad, pickle, or potato curry. 

Local Beverages: Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated is crucial during high-altitude treks like the Annapurna Base Camp trek as it helps avoid altitude sickness.  Moreover, you will be respiring more at high altitudes, so you must replenish the water in your body. Here are some ways you can remain hydrated. 

Water:  Please remember not to drink from local water sources such as taps, wells, or rivers in the trek regions. You can certainly buy packed water from en-route shops and tea houses, but we advise you to carry a water bottle and fill it with boiled water that you can purchase from tea houses. This helps to minimize plastic waste. 

Nepali Chiya (tea): Nepali tea, or chai, is a comforting blend of black tea, milk, sugar, and spices. Almost all Nepalis drink tea, early in the morning after waking up. It is also the most popular hot beverage in Nepal.  The tea is prepared from packed tea leaves boiled in water and milk. Sugar is added. Nepal produces 0.4% of tea in the world. However, you can order several kinds of tea, including ginger, green, and lemon teas in trek areas. These teas are soothing and packed with flavor.

Hot Lemon and Honey: If you are not really a tea guy, try hot lemon with honey for warmth and hydration. This drink is quite popular in the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. 

Lassi: Another delicious way to hydrate is by drinking lassi. Nepali lassi is a yogurt-based drink loved for its creamy texture and tangy flavor. You can find several variations named appropriately, such as sweet lassi made by adding sugar, and fruit lassi that incorporates fruits like bananas and papayas.  You can also find salted lassi,  mainly in the southern plains of Nepal. 

Local Alcohol: We do not recommend you drink alcohol while heading for the Annapurna Base Camp, as it can impair your judgment in the rough trails. However, as you return for celebration or warmth in the cold evenings, you can savor the local spirits like Raksi and Tongba. Please drink in moderation and be aware of its effects at high altitudes.

Accommodation Along the Trail: Teahouses and Lodges

Teahouses and lodges provide trekkers with a comfortable and cozy place to rest after a long trek. These lodges and tea houses are located in all the right places, which ensures that you do not need to pitch tent camps unless you want to. 

Here's what you can expect in terms of accommodation options during your journey.

Teahouses (Tea Lodges): You will find teahouses throughout the Annapurna Base Camp Trek trails. They offer basic but comfortable rooms. Most of these rooms come with twin beds and shared bathrooms. You will get basic bedding and blankets. For comfort and warmth, consider carrying a sleeping bag.  Teahouses also have communal dining areas where trekkers can savor their meals and forge cordial relations.

Lodges: In more developed trekking areas, you'll find lodges, that offer a higher level of comfort than teahouses. These lodges often have private rooms with attached bathrooms and hot water showers. Some of these lodges also have amenities like electricity, Wi-Fi, and even cozy fireplaces in the common areas.

Homestays: In certain villages, you can find homestays on top of lodges and tea houses. If you are a people person, homestays allow you to immerse in traditional Nepali culture. You will also learn about the lifestyles of the locals and how the terrain and climate affect daily living.

Camping:  If you want to please your adventurous spirit, you can set up camps in the trek regions. However, you must prepare for it and carry the camping gear. 

Bringing it together

Your trek experience is not just about seeing the new terrain and reaching great heights. It also depends on the food and beverage you consume and the accommodations, you use.  As a nature lover, adventurer, and trekker, you should certainly enjoy the typical things you can only get in the trek regions.

Hence, try local dishes, such as dal bhat tarkari and momos. Taste new local beverages, such as herbal teas, and savor the local alcohol for the difference. Throughout your journey, you will need energy-rich snacks, so pack energy bars, nuts, and dried fruits. You will also need Nepali Rupees to meet several expenses. 

As a trekker venturing into a foreign territory, you must follow the local customs and traditions. Pack appropriate clothing. Dress in layers so that you can adjust your clothing according to the temperature for comfort. Now you have all the information you need about food, drink, and accommodation on the Annapurna Base Camp Trek to make your trek excellent.

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