Arrival of 600 species birds from foreign countries in Nepal this winter

Approximately 600 species of birds migrated from the Northern Hemisphere in Nepal this winter including different species of bird such as predator birds, warblers, wading birds, scavenger birds, water birds as well as among many other species. The birds migrated from the countries like Russia, China, Tibet, Mongolia, Siberia and Kazakhstan are for temporarily habitation during the winter.

According to Jotendra Thakuri, a bird expert at Bird conservation Nepal, different species of birds such as eagle, steppe, hawks, lesser kestrel and swan species migrated in Nepal because of harsh winter conditions in the countries closer to the pole in the Northern Hemisphere.

Increase in migratory birds from northern Hemisphere are the main causes of short days, lack of adequate foods and cold climate condition, winter migration in Nepal usually begin from the month of September. Further adding, birds make their natural habitats in the water lands, forest, grasslands, riverbanks and ponds for surviving from winter condition. Besides them, national parks, wildlife reserves, huge lakes and big rivers of Nepal are also habitat place chosen to save in winter. Sufficient food, rest, recreation and hibernation for birds found in Nepal biodiversity.

Migrating birds temporally live in Nepal for September to April each year and return to their original habitat by the end of April.

"Migratory birds use same routes for both summer and winter migration" he said. According to the previous studies, around 875 species birds are found throughout Nepal, among them approximately 799 species of birds' recorded migration to Nepal every year and about 76 species birds counted from neighboring countries India and China.