Safety and security while travelling in Nepal

Safety and security while travelling in Nepal

Nepal undoubtedly is a country of spectacular beauty and it has been recognized as a top trekking destination in the world. However, the travelers coming to Nepal should keep in mind the possible dangers that may occur during the trekking in the Himalayas such as landslides, altitude sickness, and occasional thefts or extortion, and so forth. Some contingencies are properly handled by trekking staff, but sometimes it is out of their capacities. Therefore, we request, each traveler coming to Nepal also be in touch and get registered with the respective Embassy, so that we, the travel agency can report to the office at the embassy if in case there is emergency assistance is necessary. It will be easy enough and the best ways for safe travel here in Nepal.

Other ways of saying are registering with your respective embassy upon your arrival in Kathmandu and make copies of your passport and visa and other valuable documents in the unlikely event you will need replacements. If you take care of your safety in the Himalaya, it is obvious that you will have a wonderful journey.

Nepal is a relatively safer country to travel to. However, due to political instability, there also have been some incidences of assaults and harassment, etc. though there is a rare attack on the tourists, especially in the hilly areas. Therefore, travelers are requested not to travel single, especially female travelers. However, Discovery World Trekking The trustworthy trekking agencies in Nepal, some incidents are out of our or your trekking or tour guides control.

Besides, also bear in mind that difficult conditions might occur in the high altitude areas, for instance, high altitude sicknesses, avalanches, landslides, etc. Therefore, we request you to obtain travel insurance in addition to the standard medical coverage.

In Nepal, we do have an organization called the Himalayan Rescue Association and Nepal Mountaineering Association, which manage some part of insurances in Kathmandu. Similarly, there is also another organization called the Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA) which provides rescue service. We do have close contact with these different organizations here in Nepal. However, sometimes, the contacts merely with these aforementioned organizations are not enough thus need to have contacts with embassies and international organizations where you also equally have the duty to do.

Transportation is one another area you need to have consideration. Therefore, we suggest you not to travel generally at night for your safety and security. During the travel, be aware that packs and luggage left unattended might be targeted by thieves. Locks are useful and it is best to keep easily removed items deep inside a bag. During a bus stop, it is safest to bring carry-on items and all valuables with you.

The best way to avoid risk while trekking is to have proper consideration from the time of planning. To suggest some of the safety and security rules keep in mind are:

  • do not trek alone
  • do not display valuables such as money, and others
  • Always keep your belongings secure and within your sight
  • Make arrangements for handling emergency situations beforehand in cooperation with trekking agency especially with us with proper talks,
  • Register personal information and trekking details with your respective embassies
  • Buy a traveler comprehensive insurance policy that covers helicopter rescue cost
  • Leave a copy of the details with us in Kathmandu.

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