Lower Manaslu Trekking - 10 Days

Lower Manaslu Trekking - 10 Days
Trip Facts
Destination Nepal
Activity Manaslu Treks
Accomodation Selected hotel in Kathmandu and homestay during the trek
Region Manaslu Region
Start / End point Kathmandu / Kathmandu
Duration 10 Days
Max. Altitude 5,160m at Larkya la pass
Meals Included Breakfast in Kathmandu and all meals during the trek
Group size 2 - 40
Best Season Feb, Mar, Apri, May, June, Sep, Oct, Nov & Dec,
Trip Code DWT21
Activity Per Day Approx. 4-6 hrs walking
Transportation Private vehicle
Grade Moderate


  • Explore historical Gorkha Palace, home of the king Prithvi Narayan Shah, Gorkha meusem, Gorakkhali temple.
  • Visit religious significance Manakaman Temple, a wish – fulfilling goddess.
  • Experience local culture, art and craftsmanship.
  • Observe spectacular panoramic Himalayan ranges and production of organic agriculture product.


  • Private transport to and from our hotel in Kathmandu to Kathmandu’s international airport, Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).
  • Provide pulse oximeter for blood oxygen saturation level monitor to high altitude.    It is an important indicator to recognize early signs of impending altitude sickness and other potentially health risks.
  • Medical Kit.
  • Arrangement of sleeping bags and down jackets if you do not have your own.


Hiking through an excellent serene and full of natural grandeur around the lower manaslu trek that gives insights into unique experience of a great ancient historical, religious, cultural, ecological, and archaeological significance place in Gorkha district. It is also famous for historical tour, pilgrimage tour and agro tourism and community based home stay trek. Manakamana temple, Gorkha durbar, Sita cave, traditional art and craftsmanship, and wonderful views of snow -capped mountains are the proximate spot of attraction.

Historically, Gorkha, home of gorkhas was the first capital city of Nepal, from where unification hub of unified modern Nepal was initiated by late king Prithvi Narayan Shah. Similarly, Gorkhas army is also worldwide recognized as the name of legendary brave warier after their crucial contributions to British during Second World War.

13 days Lower manaslu trek itinerary is newly introduced moderate grade trekking in the heart of central Nepal, one of the closest trekking regions from the capital city of Kathmandu, reachable by bus ride along the Prithivi highway from Kathmandu to Kurintar at the cable car station. Whereas, trek initially starts from Manakamana temple, a major religious tourist destination, trek routes from manakamana to Gyamshal, whilst the historical Gorkha palace, the birthplace and home of Prithvi Narayan Shah at the top of small hillock along with Gorkahkali temple - goddess of Kali and Gorkha museum, a collection of artifacts and personal belongings of King Prithivi Narayan Shah can be observed. On the whole, Manakaman temple and Gorkha Durbar making of magnificence pagoda architectural design is certainly charismatic for those travelers who wish to explore ancient history and architecture. In addition, these places are also a vantage point to offer a delightful scene of green valleys and the views of Himalayan ranges.

More than 20 Himalaya panoramic view of Annapurna, Machhapuchre, Sringi himal, Ganesh himal and several other prominent peaks from Darche Danda-the highest point of trek is breathtaking as well as extremely popular to have the perfect view of sunrise.

The most isolated gurung village Barpak , the village of army men and also renowned as village of the late Capt. Gaje Ghale who was honored with Victoria Cross Medal of Great Britain.  Wooden roofed houses, awesome landscape, and Gurung culture are notable feature of a very beautiful Laprak Village.  Memorial park at very charming Magar village Bunkot is historic birthplace of Lakhan Thapa, the first martyr of Nepal, Sirandada village is  a  rich diversity of medicinal herbs and organic tea production, caving experience in sita cave surrounded by the forest on the way to GYampesal is thrilling and adventurous.  

Trekking to lower manaslu is one of the best destinations to explore enriching and unparallel historical, religious, cultural, ecological, and archaeological importance place. This trek is a fully supported home stay to perceive more in depth about locals and remarkable information of Nepal countryside people of Lower Manaslu.  Discovery World Trekking organizes trek to lower manaslu at reasonable cost with flexible holiday program.

Discovery world Trekking would like to recommend all our trekkers that they should add an extra day at Kathmandu at weekdays (Not in the weekend) before we start our Lower Manaslu Trekking next day after for Manaslu special permit process where we need your original Passport with Nepali visa at Immigrant Office Nepal and also for official Briefing as proper mental guidance and necessary information just to have a recheck of equipment and goods for the journey to make sure you haven't forgotten anything and if forgotten, then make sure that you are provided with those things ASAP on that very day at our office. On our way, we'll be travelling in public buses but if you want a bit comfortable ride as the road is not that good we can provide you jeep at some extra cost as simple cars can't go there.

Day to Day Itinerary

  1. day 1

    Drive and trek to Ghairung.

  2. day 2

    Trek to Gorkha Bazaar.

  3. day 3

    Excursion day in Gorkha.

  4. day 4

    Trek to Sirandanda.

  5. day 5

    Trek to Barpak.

  6. day 6

    Trek to Laprak.

  7. day 7

    Trek to Lambai Kharka.

  8. day 8

    Trek to Tallo Thotneri.

  9. day 9

    Trek to Ghyampeshaal.

  10. day 10

    Drive to Kathmandu

What is Included?

  • Transport from Kathmandu to Kurintar by local bus.
  • Tea House/lodge accommodation during the trek.
  • All Standard Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) during the Trek.
  • Official DWT (Government registered and licensed) Expert Guide, 1 Assitant Guide for 12 Or Above Trekkers, with accompanying porters (generally, 1 porter per 2 trekkers) to assist with carrying gear during the trek. (We cover the porters’meals, lodging, salary, transport,insurance, equipment, and other essentials.)
  • Trekker’s Information Management System (TIMS) card fee.
  • Transport from Gyampesal to Kathmandu by local bus.
  • All Government and local taxes.
  • Assistance in arranging emergency rescue (funded by travel insurance)
  • Discovery World Trekking Certificate of Completion.
  • Farewell Dinner in Kathmandu the eve of your international departure

What is Excluded?

  • International Flight.
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) and Accommodations in Kathmandu.
  • All Personal Expenses such as laundry, telephone calls, bar bills, beverages, snacks.
  • Personal clothing and gear
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Extra shower fees at lodges along the trail, battery re-charge fees, and incidental expenses along the trail.
  • Tips for Guide and Porters.
  • Any additional costs or delays cause by events beyond our control. e.g. landslides necessitating trail diversions,weather delays,political unrest, illness, et cetera.

Route Map

Route Map


Team of highly experienced Experts
No Booking or Credit Card Fee
Hassle-Free Booking
Your Happiness Guaranteed
Best Price Guarantee

Trip Reviews

Discovery World Trekking


How safe is Manaslu Circuit trekking?

Discovery World Trekking guarantees 3S for the clients: safety, security, and satisfaction. The team members of Discovery World Trekking will be carrying all the necessary gear, equipment, and first aid kits and they have extensive first aid training. If a trekker falls sick at a high altitude, the leader will decide whether to continue the trek. In case of emergency, Discovery World Trekking has a rescue helicopter to bring you back from the higher elevation. Moreover, Discovery World Trekking also provides an oximeter to monitor the oxygen level at high altitude and offers regular health check-up facilities.

How to avoid altitude sickness in Manaslu Circuit trek in Nepal?

Guided Manaslu Circuit trek in Nepal is a relatively easier trek and often can be enjoyed with very minimal effort. Although it's fairly not exasperating, you could do the following things to avoid acute/ altitude sickness in the Manaslu circuit route.

  • Cut off caffeinated, alcoholic, and smoking items. 
  • Drink at least 4 liters of water a day. 
  • Trek slow.
  • Don't skip the acclimatization days.
  • Better to continue with Diamox (if any symptoms show up). 
  • Drink Garlic Soup.

Do I need any permits before starting the trek to Manaslu Circuit trek?

You need Manaslu special permit with Conservation Area Permit, and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) fees, Discovery World Trekking will help you with all the necessary paperwork and let you enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

Do I need Travel Insurance to trek in Manaslu Region?

You need travel insurance prior to booking the trek which must cover medical and emergency repatriation inclusive of helicopter rescue and evacuation expenses at high altitude for trekking members. You should provide it to us before you start your trekking.

What about the Insurance of guides and porters?

Discovery World Trekking ensures the expenses for insurance of its guides, porters, and all the crews along with meals, salary, lodging, transportation, and other necessary equipment.

Is there any luggage limit for porter?

Discovery World Trekking will provide one porter for two trekkers to carry 18 kgs of luggage (maximum 9 kg for each trekker). Please be sure your porters are not overloaded because they do not carry only your equipment but also lift your spirit to reach new heights, and your love, affection, and generosity can be the reason for them to work hard to take you to your destination.

What is the weather condition at Manaslu Circuit trek?

MonthTemperature Weather and Nature 
January Max -5°C at daytime to min -10°C at night and morning Coldest month 
February Max 15°C at daytime to min 8°C at night and morning Mild and humid, good visibility 
March Max 10°C at daytime to min -6°C at night and morning Frozen lakes begin to thaw out, streams begin to fill and new buds begin to sprout 
April Max 12°C at daytime to min 4°C at night and morning More colorful month because of red, green, white, blue, and pink rhododendrons 
May Max 18°C at daytime to min 4°C at night and morning Warmest month 
June Max 25°C at daytime to min 10°C at night and morning Humid, as the rain and clouds often overshadow the hot sun 
July Max 22°C at daytime to min 8°C at night and morning Wettest month 
August Max 20°C at daytime to min 6°C at night and morning Monsoon makes the trail lush, dense, and gorgeously green but quite slippery 
September Max 21°C at daytime to min 7°C at night and morning A fresh and pleasant climate 
October Max 15°C at daytime to min -2°C at night and morning Stable weather condition and best month to trek 
November Max 13°C at daytime to min -3°C at night and morning Cold and dry weather 
December Max 12°C at daytime to min -8°C at night and morning Driest month 

What documents do I need for trekking to Manaslu Circuit trek?

You need to submit the following documents after the advance payment deposit and all the documents should be sent via email.

  • A copy of passport,
  •  Passport size photos, 
  • Flight details, 
  • Copy of travel insurance (it has to cover heli rescue and medical evacuation).

What is the accommodation on the trails of Manaslu Circuit trek?

For the Manaslu Circuit trek, you will be staying at teahouses/lodges, generally offering twin sharing room and healthy local foods. The toilets are outside the room or the house in a squat form. Hot showers/running water are available at extra cost in most of the places.

Is meal easily available on the trek to manaslu Circuit trek?

the meal on this trek is very convenient but not as in cities. Along with Western meals, chapati, rice, local tsampa porridge, Tibetan bread, various soups like Sherpa stew steaks, Momo (dumplings), Tenduk, noodles, and thukpa are amazing Himalayan cuisines for the trekkers. Discovery World Trekking will arrange meals in special areas for its clients.

Is the drinking water safe in the trek to manaslu Circuit?

Bottled water is easily available at a low cost. But you can not use plastic bottles in the Manaslu region. So, You need to drink mineral water or boiled or filtered water in those areas. It is better to use water purification drops and tablets which you can either bring from your own country or buy in Kathmandu. Discovery World Trekking also provides water purifier pills.

Do I need to bring medicines for trekking to manaslu Circuit trek?

If you are allergic to specific medicines, it is better to consult your doctor and bring your own. Discovery World Trekking regards its clients as its family. So, Discovery World Trekking will facilitate you with medical kits and other safety concerns to avoid altitude sickness and other probable sicknesses.

I am a vegetarian. Am I supposed to get enough meal on my trek?

Discovery World Trekking won’t recommend non-veg items because the meat in such places may not hygienic and healthy. Discovery World Trekking also encourage to avoid dairy and cheesy items and strongly suggest not to consume them during the trek. So, our packages are suitable for both vegan and vegetarians.

Is there pick service by the Company?

You will see a personal representative of Discovery World Trekking welcoming you outside the arrival lounge of Tribhuvan International Airport with your name pamphlets in her/his hand. S/he will take you to your selected hotel on private transportation conveniently.

Is there a cancellation or refund policy?

Discovery World Trekking offers cancellation and refund facilities. You need to visit Discovery World Trekking’s tour packages for more information.

What is the booking and payment method for manaslu Circuit trek?

You need to pay 10% in advance and rest of the amount can be paid after your arrival in Nepal. We accept Credit Card, however, you will be charged extra amount as service fee by the bank. So, Discovery World Trekking recommends you to pay in Cash to enjoy the benefit of discount. Any currency is accepted.

Is tipping necessary for porter and guide?

Your porters are a big reason why you got a chance to feel something very few can have. Apart from guiding and carrying your necessities and being mindful of your safety, they want to see you happily succeeded more than anyone like family and help you successfully complete the trek safely. So, your tips reflect gratitude towards them. So, tipping is a recommended culture for porters and guide in Nepal as a gesture of thankfulness.

Can I buy the gear in Nepal?

Discovery World Trekking will introduce dozens of shops selling knock-off gear in Kathmandu. Moreover, you can rent the needed gear if you do not want to buy them. Equipment can be bought in Kathmandu at a reasonable price.

Is internet access available in manaslu Circuit trek?

Yes, most guesthouses offer Wi-Fi, for a small charge

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