5 Tips how to choose the best trek local company in Nepal

The choice of the best trekking agency among the thousands of agencies in Nepal is not easy, maybe sometime can create confusion to the trekkers. Putting them into the same category in terms of their service offer is practically ineffective, similarly the service offered from one operator to another operator is significantly different even they sell out the same product destinations, as the success of the trip depends particularly more upon the company, their management and guide. These make indeed them a unique and different in identity than others, have the major impact on the organization performance with goodwill and reputation.

Joining to the local company is better not only for sharing and exchanging extensive local knowledge and experience but also for the cost effective point of approach and great for exploring from known to unknown place. However, considering on these factors only is not enough for finding out the right company, have you ever checked the details company legal documents in their website before deciding the trip booking, to confirm whether or not company is registered and licensed with government authorities? Travelers, who are making plan to visit to Nepal for any sorts of trip, wish online trip booking to ensure prior arrangement and fixed. There is no doubt that trip from good company assists your experience better while you are in Nepal Himalayas. Selecting the best company among uncountable number of local companies in Nepal is the hard enough to do trip for enriching journey- once in a lifetime unforgettable experience.

Here is the some collective information to provide the way how to choose the best Nepal local company for booking the trips in online easily, this fundamental but most important source of information help searching one of the best local trip operators in Nepal. Have a look once before deciding to trip booking in Nepal.

1. Registration, license and affiliation

First and foremost important element is to verify the company is legally operated or not. The legally operative company inclusive of all types of travel-related activities has mandatorily registered and listed the name in the government of Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board.

It is the first process that every company must have registered with government authority and licensed first before commencing its business operation officially. Check out first their company registration with its legal document in the website and their affiliation with their related organization.

The company engaging in treks operation activities, it is an important and compulsory for them to have a general associate member of Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), an umbrella organization of trekking. Likewise, The Company involving in operating climbing activities, it must have affiliated with Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA).

The company who are responsible for emergency response in the Himalaya should have affiliation with Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA).

The agency takes responsible for protecting and conserving environmental sustainability should have associated member with Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP), and so on. Every organization with commencing its relating trips must have affiliated from the related prestigious organization.

2. Reliability and Trust worthy

It is hard to know prior to experiencing which company is reliable which is not. However nowadays, it has become much easier with availability on the internet to see about the previous customers' reviews and testimonials on social networking sites and company website.

Clients review on popular social networking site, trip advisor- world's largest travelers customers review site, is very trustworthy one, helps make a decision for choosing the right company on the basis of reviews performance. Analysis of positive and negative feedback towards company's outlook is very crucial rather than counting its numbers because the new company may perhaps have the less number of reviews with most strong as compare to the old company. It can be said that Trip advisor is only the greatest way to get reviews of various travel agencies. It provides the more useful information and idea about their service and overall information about the agency. Most of the company updates video in their website including directly feedback of customers on the spot; it is the concrete evidence in which you can trust with such company.

3. Team composition (Guide & Porter)

Guide is like as ambassador, most important person for the trek as though trek experience and comfort level entirely relies on their proficiency. It is wise to know guide experience and personality trait before setting up the adventure trek with them. Hazardous condition is likely to be faced sometimes due to the factors beyond our control that is almost unpredictable and may happen at any time. Therefore, adventure journey in the Himalaya is some extent itself risk that require physical fitness, energy and proper guidance of experienced guide. In such circumstances, there is a great role of guide for successful of the trip in Himalaya who cares always for trekkers' safety and security. Team composition here refers mainly to the Guide who leads, and porter who help caring out your luggage throughout the trials. Good Guide is for a Great journey. This is the most influential factor for your journey while you are in any sort of the trip. To ensure your guide is perfect, consider the following facts. The guide should have government registered, licensed holder (Guide Certificate), this means guide is well- trained, qualified for the leading trip.

Ask the guide speak your native language, it makes you easier and comfortable with them being available of your own language speaking.

Guides are insured against perils and hazards, and their types of equipment for safety as it is the main concern and more priority.

4. Prices and Services facilities

Generally, the prices are determined by the service offer basis. There seems to be quite similar in local agencies' price listing on the website, a very vast difference compared to the international trekking agencies that have been charged the double cost of the local company. The best way is to choose the local company but mostly focus on the services they promise to provide you rather than the cost. If you are satisfied with the service of the company, that's ok. Make inquiry first to understand the service offered by them, and then try to book after receiving a satisfactory response from them.

5. Experience and Safety records

Many years of experience may be very crucial for the measurement of the trustworthiness in their expertise because their existence will no longer remain in this industry. Although, it may or may not influence the better service guarantee of the agency, the more experience they have, the more reviews and recommendations from previous clients they may get than newer companies. There are various new companies founded by the experienced guide that is found to be organized the trip with standard service. The safety of the team has to be the main concern of the company as trekking might be challenging. It does not seem to be dangerous but if timely proactive action and precaution methods are not taken, the result might be harmful. We must focus both on great safety standards and good safety records of the company. For this, trekkers can know about their safety response at the time of emergency cases like helicopter rescue operations.

In summary, the above-listed points are the most important factors essential to consider for making the decision to accomplish a trip to Nepal. It will definitely help develop an idea of how to choose the right and reliable company that take commitment to ensuring everything and anything as per determined service promise. We at Discovery World Trekking are a team of experts in organizing and operating Treks/Expedition like Annapurna Base Camp, Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, and many more to choose from!

Wish your adventure in Nepal will be once in a lifetime experience.