7 Reasons for Helicopter Tours in Nepal

In recent years, helicopter tours are gaining popularity in Nepal because they provide terrific thrill without sacrificing safety and comfort. Helicopters provide an opportunity to quickly get aerial views of vast landscapes in a new and wholesome way. Moreover, you do not need to allocate several months or physically exhaust yourself to see new places and enjoy the views. Hence, helicopter tours are equally attractive for differently-abled persons.


In addition to aerial observations, helicopters are used in construction, search and rescue operations, agriculture, news and media, medical transport, and tourism. In Nepal helicopters are routinely used for tourism, medical evacuation, assessing damages in disaster zones, and rescuing people trapped in disasters. 


Helicopters in Nepal

The first helicopters to fly in Nepal were American-manufactured Bell Helicopters leased by Nepal airlines in the 1960s. After the Bell Helicopters, two Russian Mi-4 helicopters entered Nepal and served on scheduled routes to remote parts of Nepal. Today, there are ten commercial helicopter companies in Nepal, and they have around thirty helicopters. 


Nepal is a very diverse country with breathtaking landscapes that range from 70m above sea level at Kechana Kalan of Jhapa to Everest (8,848m) mountain in Solukhumbu. No other country in the world can provide the geographical gradient Nepal provides. The mountains and the Himalayas form 83% of Nepal, and transport to high regions in Nepal is difficult and time-consuming. So, if you want to view Nepal up close and quickly helicopter tours are the only option.


Here are some reasons why you should not miss taking part in a helicopter tour in Nepal.


1. For the fantastic views

Nepal, as a mountainous country, does not have a robust transportation infrastructure. The remote hills have rudimentary or no road transport. So, if you want to enjoy the aerial views of Nepal in a short time, helicopter tours are for you. Nepal is home to 1,310 peaks with heights of over 6,000m. So, it will take years, if not decades, to climb these mountains. Hence, the only way to enjoy the views of these mountains is by helicopter.


2. For luxury

If you do not want to toil hard to see the world’s glorious peaks, helicopter tours are your only option. We understand that not all of us want to labor hard in a foreign land where the inhabitants speak a different language and follow a different lifestyle. For those who wish to view the harshest regions in the world in luxury, a helicopter ride is the only option. 

3. To Save time 

If you have limited time to spend in Nepal, helicopter tours provide you with the means to get an idea of what Nepal is all about. It will help you appreciate the diversity of Nepal not only in geographical terms but also culturally. You will see how Sherpas, Gurungs, Newars, and Bhramins settlements differ from each other.


4. For professional photography and selfies

As a geographically and climatically diverse country, Nepal provides a chance for iconic photography. From the wetlands of Koshi Tappu and Ghodaghodi Lakes, views from Poon Hill to the alpine deserts in Mustang, Nepal, provides unrivaled photography opportunities for photographers seeking to capture something unique.


 If you love to take pictures for your Instagram or other social media, helicopter tours present you with a chance to post attractive and compelling images.

5. To gain a geographical perspective.

Land transport does serve its purpose by taking you from one place to another, but to understand how different regions are connected, you need to have an aerial view, and a helicopter serves this purpose well.


6. For the thrill

Well, helicopter rides are exciting. Most probably, you will be flying from Kathmandu, and Kathmandu, as a valley, looks fantastic and unique compared to aerial views of other cities. As the helicopter lifts, you will find excitement building up in your body.

7. To spend quality time with your near ones.

Helicopter flights in the Nepali skies look quite romantic. If you are in Nepal with your better half or dear friends or family, it is a great idea to create unforgettable moments by taking part in a helicopter flight.


If you have a day to spend in Nepal, we recommend you an Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour that you can complete in about five hours. Seeing Everest in itself is a lifetime achievement. For details call/Viber/ WhatsApp at 977-9840055491 or email [email protected]

Paul Gurung

Paul has an extensive experience in the tourism industry. Through his blogs, he shares his deep knowledge about the stunning trek regions in Nepal, inspiring trekkers worldwide to explore these regions and enrich their lives. In addition to geography, his writings delve into the human side of the trek regions, including culture, traditions, religions, and etiquette, offering a comprehensive and enriching perspective on the Himalayan trekking and expedition experience.