Food, Drink, and Accommodation in the Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a remote long trek in the Nepali Himalayas, which is a little less known than Annapurna Base Camp and Everest Base Camp treks. This also makes the Manaslu trails less crowded. The trek offers stunning views of Mount Manaslu, lush forests, and a mix of alpine and sub-tropical landscapes. It's considered a moderately challenging trek, that reaches up to 5,160m/16930ft at Larkya La Pass. Altitude and rugged terrain make the trek physically demanding.

If you are heading to Manaslu Circuit Trek, here is a comprehensive guide to what you can expect in terms of food, drink, and accommodation along this mesmerizing journey.

Food for the soul

Everyone needs food for their daily functioning and to remain alive. In addition to several other functions, food provides energy, and you need lots of energy for high-altitude treks such as the Manaslu Circuit trek. However, food is not just about energy, it is also about tradition, culture, climate, crops, and even cooking techniques. If you are an adult, the chances are your palates are already developed, so you will have your likes and dislikes. 

However, while trekking in Nepal, you must use the opportunity to taste Nepali food. Here are some foods you must try.

Dal, bhat, and tarkari (lentils, rice, and curry): This is the staple food of Nepal, and many Nepalis eat dal, bhat, and tarkari twice a day. Dal is a boiled lentil soup and accompanies rice. Tarkari is mainly vegetable curry, but it can also be meat or fish. Dal, bhat, and tarkari are often served with pickles to add flavor. Curry is mostly spicy. 

Momos (dumplings) and Chowmein (noodles): Your trip to Nepal would be incomplete without momos, which are mostly eaten as snacks. Momos are basically like Chinese dumplings but with thinner covering and spicy fillings. The fillings can differ but are mostly buff. You will find several restaurants that only sell buff momos. Similarly, Chowmein is another dish, Nepalis love. 

Other Local Dishes: There are many other dishes typical of Nepal. Most Nepali dishes are either influenced by Tibetan or Indian practices. You can experience the fusion of these foods. Other typical Nepali foods include dhindo (a thick porridge made from buckwheat, millet, or maize flour), gundruk (fermented leafy vegetables), and roti (a type of flatbread). You can also try several types of Newari foods like Choiyala (spiced, grilled buffalo meat), Chatamari, Bara, and Yomari.

International food: If you are someone who cannot give up your own tastes, you need not worry. During the Manaslu Circuit Trek, you will certainly get to enjoy Western food like pizza, burgers, cereals, pancakes, pasta, etc...

Snacks: Manaslu Circuit Trek is an intensive trek as you hike you will need plenty of energy. So you must pack some energy-boosting snacks like granola bars, nuts, dried fruits, and chocolates for quick refueling on the trail. We advise you to buy these snacks in Kathmandu as they get expensive and difficult to find in trek regions.

Drinks: remaining hydrated

At high altitudes, you will be respiring profusely, so you must need proper hydration. Hydration also helps prevent altitude sickness. There are many ways you can hydrate yourself. Here are a few drinks to try.

Water and cold drinks: Life cannot exist without water. Hence, you will need clean safe water for the trek. Since you will be respiring more, you will need more water. You will find all sorts of water sources such as taps, wells, and rivers in the trek regions but we do not recommend them for hygiene issues. However, you can readily buy packed water from en-route shops, but for ecological reasons, we encourage you to bring a water bottle and buy boiled water from tea houses. Further, treat water with purification pills to remain on the safer side. Similarly, you can easily buy Coke, Fanta, or Sprite on the trails but it might cost more in remote regions.

Tea and coffee: Most Nepalis drink tea and Nepal also produces tea. You can certainly find coffee but it is not that prevalent. Nepali tea is mostly tea leaves boiled in milk and water, with added sugar. However, there are other teas such as black tea (without milk), mint tea, lemon tea, green tea, etc. You can surely receive tea in all tea houses, coffee is not that prevalent, and if you need special coffee, you have to be in cities.

Alcoholic drinks: The Manaslu Circuit trek is a challenging trek with rough ups and downs. So, you must drink in moderation. Your guide can probably advise you when to drink. On the trails, you can find wine, beer, and even local spirits such as raksi. You can find a range of beers and whiskey. However, the price of these alcohols is higher in remote regions.

Accommodations: Staying safe and comfortable

Fortunately, though the Manaslu Circuit Trek is a remote trek, there are tourism infrastructures in the right places so you do not need to spend nights in the tent camps. You will mostly be staying in teahouses and lodges.

Teahouses and Lodges: These offer basic but comfortable accommodations with shared rooms and common areas for dining and socializing. The rooms come with essential bedding and blankets, but it's a good idea to have your sleeping bag for extra warmth. Most of the tea houses and lodges are internet-linked and also provide meals. Compared to teahouses, lodges are more expensive and more comfortable. Most of the rooms are on a twin-sharing basis.

Amenities: Most teahouses offer standard toilets and basic shower facilities with cold water. Hot showers may be available for an additional fee. These tea houses and lodges have electricity where you can charge your electronics. Though the facilities are basic, these tea houses and lodges are cozy and friendly. The staff members are welcoming, and you will get an opportunity to make friends, share stories, and even get information about the trail conditions. 


Manaslu Circuit Trek is a long trek, and you will be trekking in the remote parts of the earth, enjoying the views, gaining new experiences, tasting different food, and getting introduced to new cultures and ways of life. We hope now you are adequately informed about the food, drink, and accommodation in the Manaslu Circuit Trek. This knowledge will help you to enjoy your trek much more.

As a responsible trek and tour company, Discovery World Trekking has over a decade of experience conducting excellent treks in the Manaslu region. If you decide to trek with us, our team will let you know of the food, drink, and accommodation in the Manaslu Circuit that you should not miss. If you need help, email us at  [email protected] or call/Viber/WhatsApp at +977- 9840055491.

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