Must Click Annapurna Circuit Photos

Passionate photographers and travel enthusiasts regularly trek Annapurna Circuit, not only for its challenging trek but also to capture stunning photographs. In this guide, we explore the must-click Annapurna Circuit photos that encapsulate the mesmerizing beauty of this iconic trekking destination. Here are some pictures you must not miss taking as you trek.

1. Thorong La Pass

Annapurna Circuit photos are incomplete without the Thorong La Pass, the highest point of the Annapurna Circuit that joins the Manang and Mustang districts.  At Thorong La Pass (5,416m), you will encounter colorful prayer flags fluttering in the wind. These prayer flags are not only spiritually significant but also make for a visually striking photograph against the backdrop of the rugged mountains. Don't miss the opportunity to frame these symbols of peace, triumph, and spirituality. Besides the prayer flags, you should also capture the humongous mountains.

2. Suspension Bridge Crossings

The Annapurna Circuit passes through several ups and downs, which is natural as the Annapurna region also includes the world’s deepest gorge, the Kaligandaki Gorge, along with some of the tallest mountains on earth. Hence, you will be passing through several thrilling suspension bridges. You can capture the trekkers crossing these swaying bridges with the backdrop of lush valleys and cascading waterfalls.

3. Mountain Silhouettes

Annapurna Circuit trek is a long trek. So, you will get many opportunities to capture the magnificent mountain silhouettes. Whatever the mountain peaks, the changing hues during sunrise and sunset offer a fantastic chance for stunning silhouette shots. There are innumerable mountains in the trek regions, so at any point of the trek, you can capture the magnificent mountains and hills. Your  Annapurna Circuit photos must consist of at least a dozen snow-capped peaks.

4. Trekking Portraits

In terms of feeling, nothing triumphs over human activities and interaction. So, for long-lasting memory, do not forget to document the camaraderie and determination of fellow trekkers. Candid portraits of trekkers against the stunning backdrop of the Annapurna region add a personal touch to your photography collection.

5. Breathtaking Waterfalls

Throughout the circuit, you will encounter numerous waterfalls. Some are small, and others are large. You might have to make side trips to capture these high-altitude waterfalls, which include Rupse Chhahara near Tatopani. You can also visit the Bhulbhule waterfall at the start of the Annapurna Circuit Trek. Similarly, there is also a waterfall at Tatopani. These waterfalls are mesmerizing, and you must capture them with your lenses. 

6. High-altitude Lakes

There are several high-altitude lakes in and around the Annapurna Circuit trek regions. Since these lakes are remote, their waters are clean and all these lakes are worth taking photographs. The most prominent lakes include Tilicho and Gangapurna lakes in Manag and Dhumba Lake in Mustang.

7. Muktinath Temple

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Muktinath Temple is a sacred site that offers a unique blend of cultural, religious, and natural elements and provides excellent opportunities for capturing memorable and visually stunning photographs. The temple, itself is an architectural beauty. You can also take pictures of the eternal flame, holy water sprouts, prayer flags, and devotees performing their rituals. After sunset, the temple is often lit with candles and oil lamps, creating a serene and mystical atmosphere. 

8. Himalayan Wildlife

The Annapurna Circuit is teeming with unique wildlife. You can capture the elusive Himalayan blue sheep, graceful snow leopards, and the colorful Danphe, the national bird of Nepal. For great pictures of the Himalayan wildlife, you will need some preparations. Carry a variety of lenses, including telephoto for wildlife and wide-angle for landscapes, a sturdy tripod for sharp images, and camouflage clothing and environment to blend in. Please make sure to keep a safe distance while taking pictures.

9. Traditional Nepali Villages

The trek takes you through several traditional ethnic Nepali villages. You will encounter several Gurung, Magar, Thakalis, Manage, and Loba settlements along the way. You can photograph the traditional architecture of these villages, and even locals as they live their daily lives. If you are lucky, you can capture the celebrations and festivals as locals observe them. Taking pictures during early morning and late afternoon enhances the beauty of your photographs. However, respect the local customs and ask for permission before clicking.

10. Night Sky over the Annapurna Region

Capturing the night skies in the Annapurna region can be a truly magical experience. The combination of high-altitude locations, minimal light pollution, and clear mountain air makes it an ideal spot for astrophotography. However, you need to pay attention to various factors for perfect pictures, such as the right time. Night photography is best in the new moon phase or when the moon is below the horizon.  You will need a sturdy tripod and a wide-angle lens. Take some test shots to check the exposure and focus before setting up the camera.


The Annapurna Circuit is a photographer's paradise, offering a diverse range of subjects and landscapes to capture. Whether you are an amateur with a smartphone or a seasoned professional with top-tier equipment, these must-click Annapurna Circuit photos will help you create a visual story that captures the incredible beauty and diversity of this iconic trek. 

However, for fantastic pictures, invest in getting a high-quality camera. Do not worry. Throughout your trek, you will have access to electricity to recharge your battery. So, pack your gear and get ready to embark on an unforgettable photographic journey through the Nepali Himalayas in the Annapurna Circuit.

Discovery World Trekking has over a decade of experience conducting treks in the Nepali Himalayas, including the Annapurna Circuit. As a responsible trek company, our guides will remind you of the photographic opportunities as you trek. Hence, you can book Annapurna Circuit treks with us. If you need help, email us at [email protected] or call/Viber/WhatsApp at +977-9840055491. 

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