The Best Time to Travel to Nepal is Now! (2023)

The winter is over, the skies are clear, and a perfect trekking season has arrived. It is a perfect opportunity for trekkers, explorers, and nature lovers to come to Nepal and enjoy the natural treasures in the Himalayan region. 

COVID-19 did frustrate the trekkers for almost two years, but the times have changed, and experts predict that COVID will be over soon. This means your road to trekking trails all over the world has just opened. 

There is no debate over vaccines in Nepal. Almost everyone is vaccinated - including all Discovery World Trekking staff members. Besides, the remote trek regions are not crowded and the chances of getting COVID are minimum. Nepal has resumed issuing on-arrival Visa. 

Is it safe to travel to Nepal?

Travel to Nepal is completely safe, and Nepal has resumed on-arrival Visas at Tribhuvan International Airport and entry & exit points along the border. However, on-arrival visas are issued only to travelers who have completed their COVID vaccination before 14 days of travel. This policy keeps both - us (travel operators) and trekkers safe.

When will international travel resume in Nepal?

International travel to Nepal is open right now! There are no bans or lockdowns implemented in Nepal.

What documents do I need to submit to apply for an on-arrival visa?

As per the latest Nepal Government decision, travelers to Nepal are required to show the following documents at the immigration office of Nepal at Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu.

  • Vaccination Certificate showing vaccination completed.
    Negative RT-PCR or equivalent COVID-19 Report issued no more than 72 hours before airlines counter check-in. Children below five years do not need this. (if vaccination is not complete)
  • printed CCMC form obtained after online registration       
Where to travel in Nepal?

All trek regions are open and ready for trekkers/hikers. Everything is normal, and you can hike just like in pre-covid days. Here is a list of the most popular treks in Nepal.

Is there a Nepal government-issued travel advisory?

Yes, the Nepal immigration office has issued a travel advisory, which you can see here. Please scroll down to see the advisory in English. 

Can you provide contact information of a travel agency in Nepal?

Discovery World Trekking is a premium travel/trek/tour agency in Nepal. We are the winners of Trip Advisor's Certificate of Excellence for the last nine years - (2013 - 2021). You can Call/Viber/WhatsApp us at +9779840055491 or email [email protected]

What travel documents do I need to travel to Nepal?

The travel documents that you require are different for vaccinated and unvaccinated persons. Similarly, please note that unvaccinated persons are not eligible for on-arrival visas. For details, visit Nepal Immigration Office

What about vaccinations for children?

No vaccination or testing is mandatory in the case of children below the age of 5. Vaccinations are not mandatory for children between 5 to 18. However, they need to fulfill all other procedures to enter Nepal.   

 Can I travel to Nepal from USA, Europe & Australia for treks?

Absolutely! In fact, we are conducting treks for Europeans, Australians, and Americans right now!

 What safety precautions do you take during the trek?

Almost all people you come into contact with are vaccinated. This includes locals, guides, and porters. We also use high-quality masks and sanitizers throughout the trek. If you fall sick, we are always ready for medical evacuation. 

Nepal is Almost Fully Vaccinated

DWT Family group photo after vaccination.

DWT Family group photo after vaccination 




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