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Are you thinking about trekking in Nepal? If so, you are most probably looking for the best trekking company to ensure that you are comfortable, safe, and well cared for. Well, it is very normal to have unanswered questions and anxieties, particularly, if you are coming to Nepal to trek for the first time. So, we have written this article for people just like you.

Nepal as a trekkers' paradise

Though Nepal is an average country in terms of area, it is very diverse in climatic varieties, geographical diversity, and ethnic-cultural makeup. Almost everyone knows that the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest lies in Nepal. Indeed, Nepal is home to eight out of ten highest Himalayas, but Nepal is much more than just the Himalayas. Hence, thousands of trekkers come to Nepal to hike. For this reason, there are hundreds of trek and tour companies in Nepal competing for clients. 

However, as a trekker, you will be trekking in remote regions far from your country. Therefore, you might be concerned about your safety, comfort, and trek experience as a whole. Hence, it is logical that you are trying to find out the best trekking company in Nepal. But the internet is full of trek and tour companies that are touting they are the best, leaving you uncertain and misinformed. 

Why Discovery World Trekking? The social proof.

Discovery World Trekking is a trek and tour company arranging treks all over Nepal for more than a decade. It has received TripAdvisor's certificates of excellence for the last nine consecutive years. 95% of almost 600 reviewers have rated us the highest possible rating on Trip advisor. 

Similarly, we have maintained the highest rating (5.0) in Google ratings based on more than 200 reviewers. Our Facebook page has a 4.9 (out of 5) rating. We are sure that so many people cannot go wrong.  

So, you might be wondering how we treat each trekker to the highest standards. There are several ways we ensure our valuable clients' safety and satisfaction. We treat all our valuable clients like our family members and genuinely believe that the world is a big family, and we must treat each other with respect and dignity. 

As a part of a big Discovery World Trekking family, as soon as a prospective client contacts us, we make sure to help, support, and guide them at every step, right from their arrival in Kathmandu throughout the trip until their return to their home country.

We can help you with accommodation arrangements, luggage storage, insurance purchase to airport transfer so that you are relaxed and worry-free. Well, maybe this is one of the reasons why 60% of our clients are repeat customers or suggested by previous clients happy with our service.

Discovery World Trekking as a company

Our company was formed more than ten years ago in 2010. We are primarily interested in connecting people with nature. Modern advances have disconnected humans from nature, and our mission is - to connect people with nature. The Himalayas are the most pristine parts of the world, where modern influences few and rare, and they provide us a platform to connect you with nature.  

Customer service with heart

We are all humans, and we must treat everyone kindly, in a humane way, helping them with their needs. This serves as a core value of our company. We receive our valuable clients at the airport so that they do not feel alone and helpless in a new country. Similarly, at the end of the trek, we organize a farewell dinner to let our trekking guests know that they have become a part of our family and we care.

We are very patient with our valuable customers, listening to their concerns, understanding their points of view, finding where the problem lies, responding to them, and taking appropriate action based on the situation.

Local trek and tour operator

The other big reason for being the best trekking company in Nepal is- we are a local trek and tour operator. Being a local trek operator means we know the ins and outs of all treks. So, you will not be missing any attractions that lie on your trek path. Moreover, our local guides will also know about the trail condition at each point of the trek. This is important for safety reasons. 

As a local trek and tour operator, we know the best lodges in the trek regions that provide fresh and hygenic food so that you do not fall sick due to unhygienic food or non-potable water. We will also make you aware of the culture of local people so that there are no misunderstandings between each other. 

Similarly, it is understandable that many trekkers seek human interaction with the locals in trek regions. Again being a local company, we can arrange for these interactions. Moreover, as you visit trek regions, you will be curious about trek regions. Only a local company like ours, which employs local guides, can give trekkers information about the places they are visiting. 

If you are a trek/tour/expedition company looking to expand into Nepal, you can partner with us. We are sure that partnering with us will enable you to cut your operating cost while providing the very best services to your clients. You can contact us at [email protected] for more information.  

Ensuring your safety

Trek in the Himalayas comes with some risks, such as high altitude sickness. Our well-experienced crew comes from remote high Himalayas, which means they can perfectly adapt to high elevations. Further, our trek guides are extensive wilderness first aid trained. They also carry first aid kits, along with pulse oximeters, to make sure that everyone is safe. Moreover, our office will be in touch with all the trek groups at least once a day via phone to ensure that everyone is comfortable and the trek is progressing as planned. 

Digitally well equipped

Booking a trek in a foreign country can be intimidating. You might have many questions regarding the trek arrangements, food, water, accommodations, and so on. For this reason, our website provides you with as much information as possible on all trekking packages. We believe our website is user-friendly, and you can depend on our website to know details of the treks we organize. Our website allows you to pay the booking fees conveniently.

Keeping you happy

We strongly believe that happiness is contagious as well. It means only a happy person can keep others happy. So, our company tries its best to keep our staff members happy. We pay our staff well. All of them are insured, and we cover their expenses during the trek. We believe that every human being needs respect, dignity, and fair treatment. Hence, we do not allow our porters to carry more than 18kg of luggage.

Every trekker is an individual with their own identity and preferences. Though Discovery World Trekking provides almost 100 trek packages, we can customize your trek. It is particularly important for family treks. We are very flexible with trek customizations, dates, food choices, and side trek possibilities. These are some important reasons that make us the best trekking company in Nepal. 

Eco-tourism and CSR

As a trek and tour company, we are aware of the adverse effects tourism might bring to trek regions. If we do not preserve the pristine trek regions today, they might not be worth visiting tomorrow. This is the reason why we conduct eco-tours. We agree with Aliyyah Eniath, as she says

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.”

As a company, we are also aware of corporate social responsibility, so by trekking with us, you are also helping to uplift the remote parts of Nepal. You can learn how we give back to society here

Over a decade of experience

Lastly, our trek and tour experience of over a decade certainly helps. Our experience has taught us how to meet the expectations of our valuable clients. We know why you are trekking in the remote Himalayas, what you enjoy, and what you do not. Moreover, while booking a trip in Nepal, you need to send payments across countries. So, there is a need to be cautious.

With Discovery World Trekking, you do not need to worry about your payments. We charge 10% of the trek price for booking, which we use for purchasing passes, booking domestic flights, and other logistics.

Trek to Nepal

If you have never trekked to Nepal, you should. It is not necessary that you have to hike to Everest. Although, that is still a great goal - to see the highest mountain in the world. However, there are less intense and other fulfilling treks like the Annapurna treks or remote Manaslu Treks. Nepal is a very peaceful, welcoming society, and we are sure you will love Nepali hospitality. We just want to remind you that Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was born in Nepal. You can view several peaceful monasteries built-in in remote trek regions of Nepal. 

Affordable Treks

And finally, treks in Nepal are affordable. The living cost in Nepal is a fraction of those in developed countries. There is no hustle and bustle of the big international cities. The remote Himalayan ranges are almost untouched by human advances. So, to find natural peace and reconnect with nature, you must visit Nepal. Then and then only, you will understand what you are missing in your life. 

The mountains are also a symbol of struggles that you need to overcome. Trekking at high altitudes requires determination and physical strength. We are sure after completing your trek in the Himalayas, you will change into a better person, focused, and willing to commit enough determination to overcome your life's difficulties. So, call/Viber/Whatsapp, Paul at  9779840055491  or email [email protected]  for a trek in Nepal. 

As the best trekking company in Nepal, we are sure that you will enjoy your treks to the fullest with us.


Paul Gurung

Paul has an extensive experience in the tourism industry. Through his blogs, he shares his deep knowledge about the stunning trek regions in Nepal, inspiring trekkers worldwide to explore these regions and enrich their lives. In addition to geography, his writings delve into the human side of the trek regions, including culture, traditions, religions, and etiquette, offering a comprehensive and enriching perspective on the Himalayan trekking and expedition experience.