The making of Discovery World Trekking

This is me, Paul Gurung, the CEO, and founder of Discovery World Trekking, a trek and tour operator in Nepal. Here is the story of Discovery World Trekking.

I was born in remote Himalayas - the Ruby Valley in the Ganesh Himal region. From an early age, I got a chance to observe the tourism activities up close, and due to economic constraints, I joined this industry to make my livelihood quite early in life. 

Today, through Discovery Word Trekking, I have created more than 50 jobs directly and several others indirectly. Though it might not be a huge number, I have contributed positively to my country's economy, and I feel happy about my contribution to the nation.

Nepal as a trekkers/climbers' paradise

Nepal is a very beautiful nation blessed with geographical, ethnic, and climatic diversity. In 1953, Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary successfully ascended Mount Everest, opening Nepal to tourism. Then in 1958, Nepal Airlines (then Royal Nepal Airlines) became the first aviation company to link Nepal with the world.

The hippies arrived in Nepal in the late 1960s and 1970s, attracted by the easy availability of marijuana and hashish. But this stopped in 1973 due to a governmental ban on marijuana and hashish. Since then, Nepal has been known for its rough terrain that provides various adventurous activities, including trekking, rafting, climbing, etc. 

Nepal is home to eight out of the ten world's tallest mountains. In addition to the Himalayas, Nepal is also known for its cultural, traditional, climatic, and geographical diversities that provide the key ingredients for amazing trekking/exploration opportunities. Where else can you find the deepest gorge (Kali Gandaki Gorge) and the tallest mountain (Mt. Everest) in the same country?

As a developing nation, the economy of Nepal is not very advanced and heavily depends on tourism. 

Personal Struggles 

My childhood is full of struggles. The region I was born in was too mountainous, and the fields were infertile, making farming very hard and unproductive. There were hardly any other economic opportunities. The schools were rudimentary and far from home. As soon as I got the opportunity, I started working as a porter to tourists who visited my villages. 

When I grew up, I moved to Kathmandu for higher education, but when free, I joined expeditions/trekking teams to earn a living. Slowly, I developed a passion for mountaineering. 


Founding Discovery World Trekking

Fate has other plans for me. I got a chance to reach Australia. In Australia, I worked as a chef but actively took part in outdoor activities, which allowed me to come into contact with climbers, trekkers, adventurers, and entrepreneurs. 

I also visited many countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, France, & Sweden. It helped me to understand the scope and opportunities of tourism in Nepal. Further, I could observe the standards of the hospitality industry.

After gaining these experiences, finally, I decided to found a trek and tour company. So, I returned to my country and founded Discovery World Trekking in 2010 AD.


Core Beliefs

For me, happiness is the key to success. So, I try my best to keep my employees happy. After all, only a happy person can keep others happy. 

During our trip, we try to infuse as much happiness as possible. We often organize singing events, dance parties, and card games. Because we are very close to the locals in the trek regions, it also adds a homely feeling to our treks.

After traveling to many countries, I genuinely feel that we are all a part of a global family. Hence, I treat every person I meet as a part of my greater family. My own family, employees, my clients all form a part of my global family. 

I have not forgotten my roots. I know exactly where I came from. So, I try my best to contribute to my local community. I am heavily involved in meeting the educational needs of children in my village, Chalish. Further, I contribute whatever I can to meet the basic needs of Chalish villagers to improve their quality of life. 

Environmental sustainability is one of my chief concerns. Sure tourism brings several opportunities to the remote regions, such as employment generation, infrastructure development, and better educational opportunities. However, if we do not take care of the environment and keep it pristine today, no tourists will visit these areas in the future. For this region, Discovery World Trekking takes environmental conservation seriously and aims to leave nothing but the footprints in the trek regions.



I fulfill my obligations by taking full responsibility for my and my company's actions. As a leader, I always want to keep the workplace amiable. Honesty is crucial for me. I am a very honest person, and I demand honesty and dedication from my employees. 

As a global family, I believe in treating everyone right. Therefore, we have a policy of not overloading our porters. We do not allow our porters to carry more than 18-kg of combined weight. I have worked as a porter myself, and I know what it means to be a porter.

I believe in hard work, and I answer any queries that I may receive on my phone or email within three hours on any day. My goal is to address your concerns promptly and provide you with the best information regarding trekking/climbing in Nepal. 

Providing a Wholesome Experience

I was fortunate to travel to several countries and experience their hospitality - the techniques, warmth of serving, and taking care of guests. Through my experience, I have learned that humans also long for emotional and social needs in addition to physical needs. Therefore, at the heart of all our services, we strive to present our guests with a wholesome experience that touches their hearts and souls.

We try hard to make sure our trekking guests enjoy their stay in Nepal as much as possible. For this reason, we pick up our guests from the Tribhuvan International Airport the moment they arrive. It will ensure that our valuable guests do not have to face a hard time navigating a new country. 

As you trek, our informed guides will also provide you with information about the trek regions, including their history, culture, and myths.

Perhaps due to this, sixty percent of our clients are repeat customers or referred by our previous clients.



It has been over a decade, and Discovery World Trekking is doing quite well. I feel very proud to welcome and show foreigners the incredible Nepali geography. In the process, foreigners also get to experience Nepalese hospitality, tradition, and culture. It gives me intense happiness to see the smile on the faces of the valuable clients we serve. 

Until now, we must have served thousands of trekking guests. Most importantly, we have met and even exceeded our clients' expectations. It is apparent from the following data.

  • Tripadvisor (5.0 ratings out of 5)
  • Facebook (4.9 ratings out of 5)
  • Google (5.0 ratings out of 5)
  • Trustpilot (4.3 ratings out of 5) 

We are also winners of the Tripadvisor Excellence Award for the last 9 consecutive years. (2013-2021).


The Way Forward

The world is a big family. We must help each other and to feel this global connection, it is crucial to visit new countries and new places so that you will come across different views and different ways of living. It will make us much more tolerant and peaceful, enabling us to achieve great feats. 

Human technological advances have distanced us from nature's tranquility. With the remote wilderness and quietness, you can experience in Nepal, you will have a chance to reconnect with nature. Hence, I urge you all to visit Nepal. I am sure you will not regret it. 

Paul Gurung

Paul has an extensive experience in the tourism industry. Through his blogs, he shares his deep knowledge about the stunning trek regions in Nepal, inspiring trekkers worldwide to explore these regions and enrich their lives. In addition to geography, his writings delve into the human side of the trek regions, including culture, traditions, religions, and etiquette, offering a comprehensive and enriching perspective on the Himalayan trekking and expedition experience.