Naag Panchami being observed in Nepal

The worship of Naag Panchami is offered on the fifth day of bright half of Lunar month of Shrawan (July/August), according to the hindu calendar. This festival is celebrated all across Nepal by Hindu to worship of snakes during the monsoon season, the time when snakes are mostly likely to be around and takes the form of prayers to the snake god for protection from snake bite. In this occasion, an image of a snake is worshipped with the reciting of the following mantras. On this day, people paste picture of Naag "serpents" on the door of houses and worship it by offering cow's milk and rice bread. It is believed that such depictions of picture in houses will ward off poisonous snakes.

It is regarded as one of the most auspicious days of the year. Nags are deity snakes takes place special roles in Hindu Mythologies. There are various mythological beliefs about Nagpanchami and its celebration. One mythology in the Hindu as "Shesh Naag" thousands headed snake on which lord Vishnu reclines in the sea. Lord shiva, who is believed to be very fond of snakes- so that he is depicted with a snake around his neck, is also worshipped. It is also the festival held in honour of the great serpent on the coils of which Lord Vishnu is resting between the universe. Another myth about Naag Panchami Mahabharata is approached that Lord Krishna conquered Nag Kalia and put an end to his evil deeds on the day of Shrawan Panchami. This is also a reason of celebrating this festival by Hindus. In the context of Kathmandu regarding worship of Naag Paunchami is believed that Kathmandu valley was supposed to be a big lake with Naag "Serpents". Nags got very angry while draining the lake by the people to make it livable. To protect themselves against the anger of Nagas, people gave nags certain areas as pilgrimage destinations, and promise to worship them on the day, returning harmony in nature. That is continued till date.