Help rebuild Chalish Village

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 hit Nepal at 11:56 A.M on 25 April, it was the most powerful disaster to strike Nepal. This earthquake killed more than 8000 people and many more injured. Hundreds of thousands of people have been homeless throughout the country.

Chalish village is one of the mostly affected earthquake areas of Nepal. It is situated at central north part of Nepal known as remotest and backward area, as walking from Dhading district headquarter takes 3 to 4 days to reach in this village. There is no road access. Walking route has been also badly ruined after earthquake with landslide. It is region so called Ruby valley trekking (Ganesh Himal Trekking). This village lies in the lap of Ganesh himal. Due to its remoteness, no any organizations have yet reached in the village to support aid. To date, Discovery World Trekking is first respond to emergency aid support in the village. We completed first mission bringing shelter, food and medical supplies.

Our next mission:

We are continuing our relief work and emergency response. We realize the need for long-term rebuilding and rehabilitation of the Chalish houses. Our team went up to this village and found 70 houses are badly damaged by earthquake. It is our responsibility to rebuild their houses. People in this village are in fear due to coming soon monsoon; their harvested crops have been buried in rubble.

How can you help to us in this mission?

1. Donation:

We are Discovery World Trekking and Impulse Adventure (from Australia) jointly coordinated to achieve this mission. To address the problem of homeless situation, your help allow us to make fixed their permanent settlement or to relocate their habitant. You can help financial support whatever amount as you wish to support our work of fundraising efforts, please click to the following link: we humbly request you to share this below link as much as you can through the facebook and other social network, thus, most of your relatives, friends can get informed about our update, interested people definitely could be able to help for the earthquake victims of Chalish Village.


2. Book a trip with us:

You could help to earthquake victims of Nepal through booking a trip with us which help Nepal recover from earthquake. People from across the globe are interested to help Nepal in this situation. It is best to allocate your time for visit to Nepal during on your vacation and to help Nepal rise up as well as spread message around the world that Nepal is safe to visit.

At these difficult circumstances, we are working hard to help the people of very remotes area, as we know nation also needs our help most. Our efforts would be a great contributory for nation if we become success to complete sum of task from our aspect. Thus, your help plays great role in addressing the needs of thousands of people who are extremely in need of help for basic needs such as shelter, food, clothes and medical supplies.

Please go to the link and support Nepal and Nepalese people, together we can change!