Nepal opens for Tourism - Safety Protocols for Travelers in Nepal

Covid-19 has changed the way we see tourism forever, we saw one of the biggest lockdowns of the century and it’s for the 1st time in the history of humanity that the world was almost stopped for 6 months. It’s been an unexpected year but we’ll have overcome it together. 

Nepal is open for Tourism 2020-2021

Though Travelling has been ban in so many countries after the Covid-19, many countries are lifting the ban and finding ways to reopen tourism in the most healthy way. Nepal has always been known for its heavenly tourist attraction & Destinations. Being a country that mostly depends on tourism, Nepal is considering opening Nepal for tourism before 2020. After almost a year of covid, now we know how we can control it from spreading & do the right thing to stop the virus from affecting our lives. As the situation is so fragile, the Nepal Government has provided guidelines about how tourism will be operated in the most effective manner. 

Visiting Nepal -  Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Safety & Risk Management  :

The guidelines approved by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation of Nepal for mountaineers and trekkers :

  • Trekkers and mountaineers are allowed into Nepal as of Oct 17.  Please contact your travel and trekking agency for more up to date information.

If implemented, the guidelines provide that:

  • It is required to obtain a visa before arrival through their travel and trekking agencies.
  • A PCR report is mandatory for 72 hours prior to departure from their home country
  • A hotel booking for 7 days' quarantine is requisite.
  • A PCR test should be taken on the 5th day of quarantine before proceeding to their expedition.
  • Trekkers and mountaineers must possess insurance of at least $5,000 USD against COVID-19
  • On your arrival, you'll complete the immigration formalities and head straight to your hotel for quarantine. It is mandatory to stay under quarantine for seven days. The
  • If the PCR test result is positive, then you must isolate yourself and remain under quarantine for the required period, until you get two negative PCR tests.
  • hotel room charge for this period shall be borne by you.
  • On the 5th day, a PCR test will be conducted. You need to arrange for the test by yourself by visiting a clinic that has a PCR testing facility. It is mandatory to stay inside your hotel room until and unless you receive your report. You will be allowed to start exploring Nepal on the 7th day only if your test result is negative.
  • Insurance of NRS.1,00,000/- must be deposited as COVID-19 insurance for the guides and field staff in Nepal. This insurance will be taken care of by Discovery World Trekking.
  • PCR tests for Trek leaders & field staffs along with insurance will be provided by Discovery World Trekking
  • Based on the Department of Tourism’s recent updates all the above stated standard operating procedures (SOP) and safety protocols for travelers must be followed by tourists visiting Nepal. The agency which organizes the vacation for the tourist will be responsible for informing and updating their client about the safety protocols for travelers and SOP.

Important Visa Information 

Discovery World Trekking offers you a full assistance for the processing and approval of your visa application prior to your travel.  However, to get your visa approved you will have to send us the following documents:

  • Photocopies (colored) of your Passport
  • International Flight Details
  • Details of travel insurance with Covid-19 coverage costing not less than USD 5000/-
  • Confirmed hotel reservation for 7 days to be utilized for the quarantine period. We will book the hotel room for you as per your budget.

Where to travel in Nepal after Covid?

Very soon we’ll have the Covid vaccine available all over the world and the fear of the virus will be gone like it was never before. People who are planning to travel to Nepal before or after 2020, you might be surprised to see what Nepal has to offer. “
The renowned travel site Lonely Planet has included the Annapurna Circuit of Nepal in the list of Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List.”  Lonely Planet quotes, Nepal has 100s of golden Buddhist & Hindu temples, villages in hills, jungle wildlife sightseeing, and the incredible outdoor activities around Nepal’s Annapurna massif, which has long been considered as a once in a lifetime experience destination. The scenery of the landscape is mesmerizing and the sense of journey is psychologically satisfying and very nostalgic afterward, starting in rice paddies and climbing through yak pastures before crossing the mighty snow-bound Thorung La pass. It’s everything a good trekking experience can offer – challenging, majestic, and inspirational. 

Trekking/ Expedition in Nepal

Nepal is the only country with the highest peaks in the world. From mighty Mt Everest to Annapurna I, 7 out of 10 highest peaks of the world are in Nepal. Trekkers and hikers all over the world come to Nepal to explore the hidden trails of the Himalayas Nepal. There are 100s of places in Nepal to visit and explore, out of which trekking is the most loved outdoor activity in Nepal. The most popular destination for trekking is Everest base camp, Annapurna Base camp, Manaslu Circuit Trek, and all others with unique experiences.

Trekking Everest base camp after Covid

A journey where you'll be around the world's highest peaks, that's what Everest base camp is. For decades, many adventurers have been drawn towards the natural beauty of the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest (8,848m). This adventurous trek is best suited for those whose dream soars higher than the clouds. It is one of the best-traveled destinations of the mountains due to its natural beauty along with calm, charming, and attractive features.

Annapurna Base Camp after Covid

Annapurna Circuit is one of the most popular treks in Nepal. Breathtaking deep gorges, desolate high mountain passes, relaxing hot spring, Buddhist and Hindu temples, delightful farming villages, and at every turn a different view of the Annapurna summits.

Manaslu Circuit Trek after Covid

The attraction of the under trekked trails of Manaslu Circuit Trek (8,156m) and the amazing mountain scenery is hard for trekkers to resist. The Manaslu trek is a tea house trek that circumnavigates the eighth highest peak in the world, with an unfolding phenomenon of natural and cultural beauty. The untouched off-road trails of Manaslu is really something to try on post-Covid-19 travel plans in Nepal.